For the CDU it was a turning point: Since Friday, Angela Merkel is no longer at the top of the party – after 18 years. Her successor is Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. The former Secretary-General prevailed at the party Congress in Hamburg against the former Chairman of the Union’s Friedrich Merz, and the Minister of health, Jens Spahn.

at the end of October, had hoped for a majority, according to a. survey Merz as Merkel’s successor. As you will now see the choice Kramp cart Builder?

The results of a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Civey for MIRROR ONLINE at first glance, be very strong to the vote at the Convention itself. There Kramp-karrenbauer prevailed in a runoff against Merz – and even there only barely. In the question of new leadership, the party seemed to be divided. After the election, two bearings, which are similar to big show in the population. A total of 43.8 percent of the respondents rate the result is positive, 39,8 see it negatively.

But unlike the Congress, the SPON-survey within the Union-voters have a clear tendency to pro Kramp-Karrenbauer: Overall, 61.6 per cent of the CDU – and CSU-pendant-evaluate the decision at the party Congress in a positive, almost 40 percent, which is very positive. Negative, the choice is a guess only 25.7 percent. (Click the graphic on the “After parties”, to see the values, depending on the electorate)

however, There is a party, the choice looks even more positive than the Union itself: 64.7 per cent of the Green voters are satisfied with Kramp-Karrenbauer, the new CDU leader. Voters of the coalition partner SPD are convinced significantly less, but here, too, Merkel’s successor. 48.4 percent rate their choice to be positive, only 27.1 percent negative. About a quarter are still undecided.

what is striking is the clear rejection by the FDP (80.3% negative) and AfD (88.8% negative). FDP-Chef Christian Lindner said the decision, Kramp-Karrenbauer meant that the CDU is set to “continuity”. Either I don’t like the supporters of the liberals – or you have a bad memory, that Kramp-Karrenbauer in the year 2012, founded in the Saarland Jamaica coalition dissolved, and that this step was “ongoing discord” within the FDP.

AfD leader Alexander Gauland said the editorial network in Germany shortly after the election: “Mrs Kramp-Karrenbauer, the continuation of Merkel by other means. She has been involved in refugee policy and is not correct.” The voters of his party to see the apparently similar and reject Kramp-karrenbauer.

The new Chairman must now try to a the camp in his own party. In addition, you need to find a course, with the wins of former CDU voters to the AfD. Whether you can succeed? On average, all parties a majority will not believe in it. 55.3 percent not to trust her on this success. Only 29.2 percent believe that it creates it.

A Belief that Kramp-Karrenbauer can actually inspire to the AfD migrant voters for the Christian Democrats, there are only in the Union itself – at least 51.1 percent of the respondents. In the case of all other parties, skepticism reigns.

Particularly striking are the values of the party, from the Kramp-karrenbauer now voters back to win. Only 1.9 percent of the AfD voters believe that the new CDU leader can win the former support base, which is moved to the AfD. The skepticism outside the Union seems to be currently justified.

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