Almost every music listener has artists whose Songs he does not like: Some loves German music, despised but stars. Someone else turns in “Last Christmas” by Wham! the stomach, a third Person must think for Songs of Lana Del Rey always to a lost love. And others want to hear no works of artists, against which there are allegations of abuse, or their texts, women are despising.

Spotify seems to bring to users with such tastes, problems, or principles that a matching function. On two iOS devices with the Spotify App Version the Option to “artists no longer have to play us in the newsroom since at least Monday”.

it appears that when you page goes to a artist and in the top right on the three points clicked:

function to artist page

In the network report to further iOS users, the lock Option is activated. Some even write that they had the function been longer, possibly they were part of a small test group. On an Android device from the editorial, the feature was not on us yet.

Earlier still, however, positioned the

in 2017, Spotify had to have after “deep Reflection” decided users no way to block an artist, to hide or to put on a kind of blacklist. In the spring of 2018, the company had introduced new rules that it is against hate music-filled content, and the artist wanted to approach, which are at least suspected to be violent themselves. So such as the title of R. Kelly to users have been proposed to Listen to.

to Enable the new Option “These artists are not more games” leads to our test, the impression that now that Songs abgewählter artists are no longer played at all, even if you show up in, for example, by the user, called third-party play lists, or, in the case of Spotify-internal radio transmitters.

Select the user the Option to “artists” can’t start to play you the songs of this artist in our Test, according to times more manually – until you have the blocking Option off.

A hook there, however, the power of the full Hide of some of the artists are quite complicated: Featuring-Songs, which the musicians supports the other artists are not more recognized in the play of “These artists” automatically. As we way, for example, the blocked test, the Berlin-based Rapper Capital Bra, we got still Songs, in which Capital Bra on the side of Bushido performs.

On a MIRROR-demand to the blocking function has not expressed an opinion Spotify so far.


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