The plans of the Ministry of defence for the recruitment of EU for the Bundeswehr, more concrete, than in the past are foreign nationals. From a confidential Ministry concept, that Minister Ursula von der Leyen, especially poles, Italians and Romanians, for your force wants to recruit. Among young men, especially from these countries, there is “a quantitative Potential” for the German armed forces, says the paper, which is the MIRROR.

The Potential is calculated, the planners in the Ministry in more detail. Accordingly, approximately 255.000 Poland, of 185,000 Italians and 155,000 Romanians between the ages of 18 and 40 years living in Germany. Together, they represent almost half of all EU-foreigners in Germany. You could raise at least ten percent of this group’s interest in the German armed forces, outlined the paper, this would amount to more than 50,000 potential new applicants to the force.

defense Minister von der Leyen is planning for several years to open the Bundeswehr for EU-foreigners. Background the permanent staffing in the armed forces. Your project was written by the CDU-politician, already in 2016 in the so-called white book, a kind of a government roadmap for the German security policy. Since then, her Ministry is considering how to implement the idea into reality.

The plans are largely completed. State Secretary Gerd Hoofe was at least the concept is already in August 2018. “The necessary basic information for a decision in the matter and in the process”, quoted the staff responsible Top officials for the Minister on the paper.

The idea is not in Europe. Belgium, Spain, France, the UK, Denmark and Luxembourg, with their army for the EU have opened to foreigners. Of the Leyens Department of the Belgian model is aiming, according to the concept for the Bundeswehr, so a full Opening for EU citizens. Consequently, the plans go beyond the statements of the inspector General, the first spoke about the recruitment of specialists.

However, the Ministry wants to limit the group of possible recruits from the EU-countries from the beginning. Recruited only young people who are already living several years in Germany and speaking fluent German to be according to the plans. The mastery of the language also applies to German applicants as a prerequisite for entry into force, the basis of which the soldiers act.

With the rules is to be in front of all the European neighbors of the fear that Germany won’t take potential soldiers for their own armies with better salaries and working conditions in this country. In addition, a discussion of a “foreign army” or even about the recruitment of mercenaries for the service wants to prevent von der Leyen in Germany to the weapon as possible.

Eastern Europeans fear a “significant negative impact”

For the actual Opening would be sufficient in Germany, a simple change in the law. However, it would be, according to a study conducted by the Scientific service of the Bundestag from the year 2016 is necessary to provide certain soldier-Jobs with a Caveat that these would be exercised only by German citizens. This includes most items in the special forces or other combat units.

The Ministry has probed in the last few months about the military attachés from the main European cities already, what do you make of the idea. In summary hot it would have led to something General, talks “very different results”, especially the Eastern Europeans feared “a significant negative impact on its own demand”.

From Poland to other concerns is yet to come. So, Poland’s foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz surprised by the thrust. Czaputowicz said the LEVEL of service in the army was “closely associated with the nationality”. Also in the diplomatic service or in the police, only their own state are allowed to be citizens. “This is a General rule everywhere,” said Czaputowicz. “In the military it is even more important, because there is a certain loyalty is expected.”

For his government, the foreign Minister is pushing for quick clarification in Brussels. To change the Opening of the German army without consultations in the EU “would not be appropriate behavior,” warned Czaputowicz. “Should Germany introduce such a law without consulting Poland before, it wouldn’t be good. Because, of course, Germany has to offer workers and probably more soldiers.”

Similar Concerns in order to push the Bulgarian government. So Sofia was in talks with the German military that even today, 20 per cent of the service could post in their own armed forces because of injury crisis is not occupied. Germany now open to his army with significantly better salaries, it is necessary to take into account the “catastrophic consequences”. Greece also fears the enticement of young people.

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