It is the longest Shutdown in the history of the United States. US Republican Lindsey Graham, has made the American President Donald Trump in an Interview with Fox News with a compromise proposal. “I would advise him to bring the government for a short period of time, about three weeks, up and Running again and new negotiations,” he said. It should not come during this period to reach an agreement that could Trump resort to a state of emergency Declaration.

It is not clear whether this proposal has chances. Graham, who is considered a Confidant of the President, had already presented a proposal for the solution of the dispute submitted to the White house rejected.

so Far, Trump, a budget law refuses to sign, which includes no money for the required wall on the U.S. southern border. For more than three weeks, parts of the government stand still, therefore, around 800,000 employees of the government and the Federal authorities have to work without pay or have been sent to forced leave.

Democrats do not want to agree to money for the wall

On Twitter, Trump wrote that he had a Plan for the Shutdown. But in order to understand, one had to understand that he had won the election and the American people have been promised safety. Part of the promise was the wall on the southern border. Elections have consequences.

The Democrats, who have since the beginning of the year, the majority in the house of representatives, do not agree to the money for the wall because they think it is the wrong approach to border security. The construction of the wall is part of a promise to Trumps main choice.

Trump has threatened to impose a “National emergency” should be the Democrats in your line. Such an emergency Declaration would give him far-reaching powers. So he could try to leave the wall without the consent of the Congress building. A country-wide state of emergency, the laws, or even fundamental rights, would not that mean but.

Recently he moved away again. On Monday the Senate and house of representatives come together to regular meetings. New negotiations between Trump and the Democrats, however, are not planned yet.


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