He was provocative, trenchant and sarcastic As Horst Stern postulated that the deer must be shot in the local woods rather than rested, he brought on Christmas eve 1971, the whole Nation. Horst Stern was an environmentalist of the first hour and Packed as a Journalist on a controversial subject such as animal experiments in medicine. Now he died at the age of 96 years in Passau, as his son confirmed.

born In October 1922 in Stettin, he broke off the school and the subsequent apprenticeship in banking. After he had returned from war captivity to Germany, he worked, among other things, for the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” as a court reporter for (click here to read an in-depth portrait of the environmentalists and journalists).

Stern took over the magazine “Yacht” and would later write for another publisher for a riding book to be without a boat or horse ever come close. In a quick decision, he made notes of his Sailing, bought a boat and remained in the water sports over decades. Later, he took took riding lessons.

Earlier prophets

As a television journalist, he warned already in the seventies, with an impressive, part-dramatic film footage, and comments in front of a thoughtless use of nature and covered grievances. His ARD program “star hour” is familiar to many television viewers even today.

in 1975, he founded, among other things, with Bernhard Grzimek, the German Federal for the environment and nature conservation Germany. 1984 star withdrew from the current reporting, but as a freelance writer, among other things, with “man from Puglia” and “hunting amendment”.


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