From the Director’s Guru, a cult figure: The German film Director Werner Herzog is now as a Person at least as well-known as for his films. Especially in the USA, where he lives for years, and works the audience amused with his strong German accent. He is allowed to carry now into the Star Wars universe: the Duke will take over in the series “The Mandalorian”.

With the Star Wars story wants to equip Disney in the coming year, the start of the end of the streaming platform. The shooting have already started. The title role is played by Pedro Pascal, as Disney announced officially. It was previously been reported unofficially. New personnel, however, is Duke. It became known that “Rocky”Veteran, Carl Weathers and Nick Nolte round out the ranks of the old gentlemen of the animals. What are the roles you play, there is no mention of Disney in the past.

Jon Favreau, also the Director and actor (“Iron Man”), is the creative mind behind “The Mandalorian”, he writes and produces the series. It is a nomadic living, the people of War, whose most famous representative in the Star Wars universe, the bounty hunter Boba Fett and his father Jango are probably fat. Directed the various episodes lead to, among other things, Taika Waititi (“Thor: the day of the decision”) and the actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

Werner Herzog shot the film classics such as “Aguirre, the wrath of God” and “Stroszek” as well as award-winning documentaries such as “Grizzly Man”. In front of the camera he was so far as a Ukrainian band-in-chief in the Action Thriller “Jack Reacher” and Alexander von Humboldt (“The other home”).


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