The Union Ver.di has threatened a nationwide strike of security employees at airports. In January, going to “many German airports,” outside of school holidays, work, a spokesman said in Berlin. Previously, the tariff, were failed negotiations for about 23,000 employees in the air again.

In the past, strikes the baggage and passenger control have caused your regularly large disruptions to the flight operations. A strike ban expires at the end of the year. Ver.di-negotiator, Benjamin Roscher said: “the strikes are averted, we are prepared at any time to a new collective bargaining if the employers’ side to submit a negotiated offer.”

the employer and the Union accused each other of delaying tactics. The Association of the aviation security company (BDLS) have increased the range of 1.8 to 2.0 percent per year in the case of a two-year term, so Roscher. The Wage adjustments for Eastern German länder should not be to five years to complete. “This small step after two days of negotiations means nothing more than the call for a strike by the employer,” said the trade unionist.

“Ver.di seemingly wants to negotiate any collective bargaining agreement, but prefer to go on strike,” said Rainer friebert houses, head of the tariff Commission on the employers ‘ side. In his presentation, according to Ver.di to the call for a nationwide common hourly wage of 20 Euro. That would mean in individual fare increases of up to 55 percent of the areas. The employers had offered between 2 and 8.1 percent per year. In Addition To Ver.di, the German civil service Federation/Komba negotiated in parallel with the employers.


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