Senior officials of NH Investment & Securities, the Research Center for Sustainable Growth, and Tanker Fund hold an agreement after teaming up for new innovative indexes. Photo courtesy of NH Investment & Securities

Brokerage house to develop new indexes

NH Investment & Securities teamed up with the Research Center for Sustainable Growth and Tanker Fund to come up with new innovative indexes.

Toward that end, senior officials of the three outfits convened at the head office of NH Investment in Seoul on April 8.

Along with the Research Center for Sustainable Growth, NH plans to develop an index of measuring how companies are doing well in terms of corporate governance and management-labor relationships.

Together with Tanker Fund, a startup that debuted in 2015, the brokerage house will make an index of gauging apartment prices in Gangnam, Seoul’s rich area south of the Han River.

NH has introduced various new indexes, which properly reflect the related markets.

We are happy to join hands with outstanding fin-tech companies. We will continue to lead the market through various efforts,” an NH official said.

NH Securities was launched in 2006 when Sejong Securities was incorporated into the National Agricultural Cooperate Federation, otherwise known as Nonghyup.

Currently, CEO Jeong Young-chae heads the outfit, whose largest shareholder is NH Financial Group. Its stake is 76.09 percent.