The CSU is crashed at the state election in Bavaria, and has lost the absolute majority clear. The Christian social came, according to the provisional official final result to 37.2 percent, the second strongest force, the Greens are, with 17.5 percent, then the Free voters 11.6, the AfD, with 10.2 and the social Democrats with historically low of 9.7 percent. The FDP comes to 5.1 per cent, and thus creates the re-entry into the state Parliament.

For the CSU-the outcome of the election means the end of the absolute majority. Prime Minister Markus Söder, a “civil Union“ and a coalition with the AfD. Therefore, a coalition with the liberal voters is likely to be. The head of the Free voters, Hubert Aiwanger, already presented the first expectations of a coalition with the CSU.

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