Nearly three weeks after the state election in Hesse, the election Board has confirmed the result in principle. The distribution of seats, according to the President of the black-green coalition has a narrow majority of a mandate, it changes according to the official final result of nothing. Also, the Green will remain with a slight advantage on the second place after the CDU and the SPD.

The CDU has in the new Parliament of 40 seats, the greens and the SPD, respectively, 29 mandates. The AfD, with 19 Seats, the liberals with eleven mandates, and the Left with nine Seats to follow. Due to glitches in the tallying of the election of 28. October had been up to the last, in particular, it is unclear whether the tight edge of the Green would have prior to the SPD inventory.

In Wiesbaden, Germany, talks about a continuation of the black-green coalition under Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) are now considered to be likely. A also just possible traffic light coalition under the green guide includes the FDP. Only under the leadership of the SPD would have been to negotiate about.

a coalition of the CDU and the SPD is considered to be unlikely. For a gain of Black-Green in the Form of a Jamaica-coalition, the FDP is also available.

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