The state election in Hesse will take place on 28. October since 2014, Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) has governed with the GrünenDas the top candidates of the major parties, Who are you to choose? Try the Wahl-O-Mat.Constituencies in Hesse – results, candidates and parties in the overview of the Hesse-choice,: letter to apply for election, so it infront of election in Hesse: Hofreiter Green looks on the way to one of the “key parties,”

15.58 PM: Shortly before the state election in Hesse, the Green group Chairman in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter sees that his party is on course for Success. “We are on track to be one of the most important and most powerful parties in this country,” he said on Saturday at the Congress of the lower Saxony countryside in Celle.

Hofreiter campaigned in a half-hour, again and again, applause interrupted the speech for a realignment of the Green and said: “We have to dare us to admit when mistakes were made; that’s why I’m glad we can say Green: Hartz IV was a mistake, and we must overcome Hartz IV.”

The Greens have now made it clear that you have answers to the most urgent social challenges. A further Central task of the party must be to AfD slow. With regard to the demonstrations of the past weeks, he said: “The progressive majority in this country is not ready to let this agitation of the fallen.” The “brown nightmare” in the country and in the Bundestag should be as short as possible.

Klöckner for the continuation of the Grand coalition also in the case of electoral defeat in Hesse

Saturday, 27. October 2018, 08.11 PM: potential high losses for the CDU and the SPD in Hesse-choice Chairman Julia are from the point of view of the Deputy CDU, Klöckner is no reason for the termination of the Grand coalition in the Federal government. “We have committed ourselves to rule our country for four years. We are the voters in the word,” said the state Minister of economic Affairs, the “Rheinische Post”. Union and the SPD would have to talk more about their common success, to convey to the voters provided in-kind work better.

In the state of Hesse is elected this Sunday for a new Parliament. The opinion polls, the governing CDU Minister-President Volker Bouffier and the opposition SPD by Thorsten Schäfer predict-Gümbel in some cases, double-digit losses. At the state election in Bavaria two weeks ago, CSU and SPD had to be strong to accept a loss.

the question is whether the CDU-Chairman Angela Merkel will stand for a heavy defeat of their party in December again for the party chairmanship – or if you give up this. Klöckner spoke out against a separation of the party presidency and the Chancellery. The CDU’ve had good experiences in order to keep both Items in one Hand, she said of the “Rheinische Post”.

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