A high-tech robot, which was celebrated in the Russian state channel Russia-24, as one of the most modern of its kind, was, according to media reports, in truth, a man in a robot costume.

“Boris”, the Name of the alleged high-tech product, had occurred in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, in the case of a trade fair for young people on the topic of robotics, reports the “Guardian” and the news Agency AP. As the state broadcaster sent a contribution about the event, he introduced Boris as an example of the technical Expertise of Russia.

“It is absolutely possible that the young students leave on the Forum for robots to inspire,” said a spokesman for the station, according to “the Guardian”. “Especially, because here you have the opportunity, the latest robot to look at.”

“I’m good at mathematics, but would like to learn to paint”, verkündetet the robot voice. Boris have already learned to dance, and he was not bad at it, it was called. For the proof of the stations showed a sequence, such as “Boris” moved to a pop song. To see the robot report is from Minute 2.33 in the Video above.

For observers in doubt as to the authenticity of the robot came quickly. You missing Sensors on the device and wondered about unnecessary movements while Dancing. Later pictures of the event on Social Media the round, on of which is the alleged robot’s head is a human to detect the neck.

Built-in microphone and Tablet Display

According to the entries, it is the alleged high-tech device, the costume of a company, the robot offers clothing for events. In the suit, a microphone, and a Tablet Display is integrated. The piece should provide for the equivalent of about 3320 Euro is a perfect Illusion, it said.

Whether the journalists held at the TV channel Russia-24 the robot is actually for real or calculus acted, however, can not say.


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