Worse, it could not come. The Chairman of the 1 said Roland Klein, Schroth,. Great criminal chamber at the regional court of Heilbronn. “Worse, only if OLE’s parents know what happened. That would be for you, as it would happen again.”

After this speech by the judge in the last week, Elisabeth S. broke her Silence. Although not in the session hall, but she confided in Thomas Heinrich, the psychiatric experts. To him, she described, on the evening of 27. In April of last year in their house in Künzelsau, has wear, as an Ole in their care.

The boy’s parents had the seven-year-old on the morning of the 28. April dead in the bathroom of the Pensioner found. The 70-Year-old self was gone. More than five years Ole for Elisabeth S. had been like a grandson, you for him like a grandmother.

expert Henry summarizes this Monday, which reported the defendant. He makes it short. After OLE’s mother had brought the boy to Elisabeth S., the single Pensioner will be according to their data, first of all, with him, homework, toys up from the cellar and had dinner. You have worked at the interview with him intermittently crying and depressed, but did not behave otherwise striking, Heinrich.

After the meal, I want to bathe Ole – a child whose parents described multiple times in court that the Boy had barely spared as the water – therefore, a sunken bathtub, claims Elisabeth S. Then Ole did not want to bathe, in the pajamas he had watched TV and ate chocolate. There is a photo, such as the Ole sitting on the Sofa. Elisabeth S. has it taken with your phone.

In a panic out of the house

Together the two would have been placed afterwards, in Elizabeth S.’ bed, she told him a fictional story about a city and a country mouse. Ole was asleep, she was awake longer.

In the dark, woke up Ole, bad-breathed, she was in a state of panic, I pulled him into the bathroom and there with water from the still-filled tub drizzled. Ole was plopped into the water. She was overthrown in a panic from the house.

The Marks on OLE’s neck could not explain. Why you should Small something would have to do to have Elisabeth S. asked the psychiatrist. You have cherished no hatred for him, no anger, and have felt no fears of loss, such as the Prosecutor’s office.

After her arrest, Elizabeth S. was given in a first interview, Ole was crazy when they Bounce on the bed against an edge. You’ve made at CPR all wrong, what could go wrong; you’ve put the child in the bathtub and ran away.

and Only by accident was it, now, a shortness of breath – judge small Schroth directly addressed the defendant: now What? “You know, that except you no one is out of the question,” says their defender Anke boots-Bechdolf. The judge shows surprise, so far, the defendants have taken no responsibility for OLE’s death.

Elizabeth S. huddles over the table, hiding her face in both hands, and whispers: “I take responsibility.”

“I’m great allegations”

after the conversation with the reviewer Elizabeth S. called, according to their lawyer in their firm, to Supplement their testimony to the experts. Anke boot Bechdolf submits that these additions, now in the name of her client: “I’m big accusations, I would like to undo it.” You would have thought Ole had swallowed him so shaken, and everywhere pressed. “I must have him down by the neck.”

the words must be for OLE’s parents are a disgrace. They occur in the proceedings as co-plaintiff. “Mrs. S., you were a nurse for many years, is the difference between resuscitation and choking completely clear,” says her lawyer, Jens Rabe. The coroner will explain the strangulation Marks. “They say they are responsible for OLE’s death. So you have choked Ole!”

“not I,” whispers Elizabeth.

your explanation for what had happened that evening in April, was “scrap,” says co-plaintiff lawyer of the Raven. “Mrs. S. has no other,” says their defender. “I’m so sorry for everything,” says Elizabeth S. at once. “I wanted to do the Ole. I have him always well supplied.”

The chamber makes to this day, no secret of the fact that their patience is now at an end. On several occasions, the court had tried, in a special way on the defendant to respond to the precise circumstances of this crime.

Also, OLE’s father, clearly shows which torment to the family members. It was hard to bear, what should you listen to, he says. The Declaration of Elizabeth S., as Ole had died, reinforcing her pain. “It only makes it worse.”

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