Almost one-third of the unemployed in Germany can not afford to its own information, according to a regular full meal. The Figures are taken from the EU database, SILC, has evaluated the Federal Statistical office at the request of the left party. They are based on the self-assessment of the households surveyed.

more Specifically, it was asked, who can not afford for financial reasons, every second day meat, fish or equivalent vegetarian meal. Among the unemployed this was the case with about 30 percent. In the entire population, in which workers were attributed, were, therefore, more than five million people affected. (Read here, how the unemployment in Germany in the past ten years has developed.)

On the 2017 data collected in the Left-member of Parliament Sabine Zimmermann made attentively. “What is, for many, of course, is for a large group of people is priceless,” said Zimmermann.

Almost 80 percent of the unemployed are not able to cope with spontaneous spending

The statistics also revealed other areas in which, in particular, the unemployed, the money for necessary payments. Almost 80 percent of them were not able spontaneously to expenses as they arise, to pay such as car repairs, in the amount of at least 1000 Euro. In the total population, almost 21 million people were not, therefore, in the case of short-term expenses in the amount able to pay.

the difference is Particularly apparent between the unemployed and employed on the question of whether the money is enough to drive a week in the holidays. While about twelve percent of the employed households have the funds for it, the proportion among the unemployed 57.2 percent.

Overall, decreased the percentage of unemployment, where the money for a warm meal is missing, in the past few years, however. In 2015, it was 36.3 percent of the unemployed. Also with the other hardships of the proportion of affected unemployed decreased slightly.


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