In the collective conflict the North-West German steel industry has called on the IG Metall to Strikes. The beginning of the next Monday, the workers in the Dortmund plant of Thyssenkrupp, said the Union. The IG Metall expects around 300 participants.

Until the next round of Negotiations on the 18. February there will be a further warning strike actions in North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Bremen, it was said after a meeting of the tariff Commission.

The IG Metall calls for the approximately 72,000 workers in the industry in the three provinces, six per cent more money. The main point of contention in the negotiations is the further claim of the Union after the introduction of an additional vacation bonuses of 1800 Euro, which can also be in the days converted.

The employers want to submit an offer as soon as the IG Metall Union has clarified their requirement. If the fee should apply the conversion to all employees, this meant a reduction in working time of 1.5 to 2 hours in the week, said the chief Executive of the employers ‘ Association steel, Bernhard strippel man. “Can’t afford operation of the steel industry.”

warning Strikes no understanding

The IG Metall had left the third round of Negotiations on Friday in Düsseldorf after 15 minutes, because the employer had re-submitted an offer. “Without the offer of negotiations currently no sense,” said the negotiator for the Union, Knut Giesler.

“is The anger over the Denial of the employer,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian IG Metall. “The employees have done in the last few years a great contribution in order to secure the competitiveness of the steel industry in Germany. Now that it’s running well, you may not have a part in it. The consequence of this are Strikes.”

The employers responded with a lack of understanding on the breakdown of negotiations. He had perceived the behaviour of the trade Union as non-constructive, said Andreas Goss, Chairman of the employers ‘ Association of the steel. “Particularly disappointing was that the Union refused our request for a more detailed explanation of its leisure demand,” said Goss. For Strikes, he had no understanding.

REC, instead of money

The principle of leisure instead of money plays in collective bargaining. In the currently ongoing negotiations for the textile workers in West Germany, the IG Metall also calls for a choice option between income increases and additional free days.

In the metal and electrical industry had agreed to the Union and the employer for shift workers, parents of small children, or family caregivers, this Form of working time reduction. According to the IG metal around 260,000 Workers made nationwide use.


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