The Brandenburg AfD-state parliamentarian Steffen Königer has declared his exit from the party. He justified his decision with the powerlessness of the Moderates against radical forces in the AfD: “The Bourgeois in the AfD have lost the battle against the Destructive in the party in many of the associations in the final.”

the AfD, the “enthusiasm about conscious border does not take crossings of a few protagonists”. An immediate observation by the constitutional protection will be taken by many officials of negligence in purchasing. As an example, Königer, which is also AfD-member of the Board is called the debate about dealing with the party young. Some AfD members have spoken in favour of the young Alternative to the Status as a youth organisation of the party to withdraw – others, including the Thuringian land-in-chief Björn Höcke, however, are.

“to Remain in the party, I can not agree under these circumstances with my Conscience,” said Königer, a member of the AfD since 2013. In 2014 he moved into the state Parliament, and founded in 2017, the Alternative mid-Brandenburg, which sees itself as a moderate liberal civil platform against the right wing of the AfD. In October of this year, Königer had started a controversial online reporting portal, on the student’s alleged neutrality violations, and criticism of the AfD in the classroom should be reported.

mid-November, Königer had applied unsuccessfully for one of the top places on the list of candidates of the AfD in the European elections. The parliamentary group he wants to belong to in the future as a non-attached member.

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