The Bundestag has elected the CDU politician and lawyer Stephan Harbarth of the judge in the First Senate of the Federal constitutional court. In the secret ballot by a two-thirds majority of the 452 MPs voted for him, 166 against it and 34 abstained.

On Friday, the Federal Council decides on the Vice-presidency of the court. Harbarths choice is likely to be a matter of form. The Union, which was allowed this time to propose a candidate who had agreed in advance with the SPD, Greens and FDP on the personnel. As Vice President he would be a contender for the presidency of the court, which currently holds the Andreas Voßkuhle, whose term of office 2020 ends.

Once in office, to decide the 16 constitutional court judges and judges be independent and without party political allegiance. Their term of office lasts for twelve years, re-election is excluded. The two Senates, each with eight members, are traditionally staffed with former Federal judges and University professors, mostly from the area of state law.

From 1967 to 2005, there were three lawyers among them. From the policy only in the years of the Saarland, the CDU currently-Minister-President Peter Müller and his Senate colleague, Peter Huber, who was the CDU Minister of the interior in Thuringia. Although, without a doubt, the sublime court President Jutta Limbach and Roman Herzog immediately prior to their nomination to the active state politicians. Both, however, had taken classical Professor careers.

the AfD and the Left in the Bundestag, complained that there is a conflict of interest: The Left ignore the fact that a professional politician goes to the Supreme court. The MP Niema Movassat said in the Germany radio, as a constitutional judge Harbarth will decide on laws that he himself has decided to. Such conflicts of interest should be avoided.

The native of Heidelberg Harbarth was at the age of 16 in the Young Union. Since 2009, he sits for the constituency of Rhein-Neckar in the German Parliament, for two years, he is a member of the CDU Federal Executive Board. He is regarded as a cautious politician, close to the people.

As an honorary Professor is a lawyer, also at the University of Heidelberg. Harbarth is Catholic, married and has three children.

The 46-Year-old represents the most conservative positions. Last year, he voted against the marriage for all, he also was in favour of paragraph 219a advertising to keep ban on abortions. On the subject of surrogacy, he searched for solutions to get the commercialization in the handle. Harbarth, he defended the migration Pact.

Before the Bundestag and in parallel to the policy he made a career as a business lawyer: Harbarth is a Partner in the law firm Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz in Mannheim – a Job that ends with him for years, a place among the Best paid in the Bundestag. He has in addition to income in the highest level 10, so more than 250,000 euros.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.