The police in France and Germany after the severe terrorist attack with multiple dead in Strasbourg more intense after the suspected assassins. Chérif Chekatt had been injured on Tuesday evening on the run from the police, of soldiers and disappeared without a trace. The Paris anti-terrorist Prosecutor Remy Heitz said: “terrorism has once again hit our area.” Witnesses of the attackers ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is great) listen to the call.

The police known offenders Chekatt had escaped before the terrorist attack, near the Strasbourg Christmas market of his arrest, apparently, just barely. As the “Bild”-Zeitung reported, citing security circles, had found the Frenchman with North African roots, together with accomplices in his apartment when the police struck. “However, the later Strasbourg was able to escape-shooter,” writes the newspaper. A confirmation for this information yet.

Third victim dies

Chekatt had opened on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season, the fire in the centre of Strasbourg. Two people were killed, including a 45-year-old Tourist from Thailand. A third victim succumbed to according to the office of the public Prosecutor’s office is now his injuries, a fourth victim was brain dead. Eleven other people were injured. Germans were not to our current knowledge, among the Victims, BelTA learned from the foreign office.

The authorities of an Islamist terrorist attack. In the Morning, before the fact, the French police had visited Chekatts apartment to arrest him in connection with “attempted killing” in a robbery. In the case of the search of his apartment, investigators found a grenade, ammunition and four knives.

grief in Strasbourg

The alleged perpetrator escaped after the attack with a Taxi, about ten minutes in and then dropped out, reported the state attorney Heitz. To stop with a large contingent tried to officials in and around the Alsatian city, and the nearby border with Germany, the aggressor – so far without success.

reports: make a call from Germany before the fact

The station RBB, and the “image”newspaper reported, respectively, citing safety circuits, Chekatt was directly in front of the fact from Germany called. According to RBB, he took the call. It was unclear who had called him and why. This question of German investigators were now.

French police released on Wednesday a wanted photo of the bomber – including a description of the Offender. Also the German Federal police-stations, the Federal criminal police office and the Swiss Federal police disseminated the call to the Police Nationale.

In the witness call the police, it is said: “The man is dangerous, please do not intervene.” The Searched was 29 years old, 1.80 meters tall, I have short hair, maybe beard, and I have a scar on the forehead. The multiple ex-offenders attacker is in prison radicalized.

CDU-inner-right politician calls for European Anti-Terror-file

The interior Ministry in Paris did not exclude that the perpetrator could have fled to Germany. There would also be the brother of the assassin. The Swiss Federal police controlled more North of the border. Because of the manhunt, the Christmas market in Strasbourg on Thursday closed.

mug shot after Cherif Chekatt

CDU-inner politician Armin Schuster urged to the attack, meanwhile, a stronger European cooperation in Anti-Terror fight. “I would hope that we have a common European Anti-Terror file,” he said in the ARD”morning magazine”. Then the German authorities would have known that the alleged assassin of Strasbourg in France as a threat.

“I would hope that we have a common European threat assessment.” What is needed is a “European Federal criminal police office” modeled on the FBI in the United States, “with this news bring services and police forces in Europe, your data is together, together, together look for,” said the CDU politician. “Brussels, London, nice, Paris, are all attacks, which were not national.”

“The country will be shaken” – video analysis of the SPIEGEL correspondent Julia Amalia Heyer:


Chekatt is of German authorities, according to SPIEGEL information, as the intensive offender is known. He was in for Burglary is several years in prison. According to the authorities, the Suspect in Germany, France and Switzerland, has been sentenced to a total of 27 Times.


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