After the deadly attack on the Christmas market of Strasbourg, the four arrested members of the bomber have been released from custody. The Paris Prosecutor’s office announced on Saturday, came free of the parents and two of the brothers of the 29-Year-old, because at the present time, nothing to the load placed. Three more Arrested, the be attributed to the environment of the assassin Chérif Chekatt, remained in custody.

The police known offenders Chekatt was shot on Tuesday evening on the Strasbourg Christmas market at passers-by, and also with knives attacked. For two days he was on the run, on Thursday evening, police shot him special(read below for a chronology of the access).

Four people were killed, and another victim of the brain-stem death has been established. Eleven other people were injured. Around 700 police officers had wanted after the fact, after the volatile attacker. Investigators search for possible accomplices.

The terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed the terrorist attack. The attacker was a soldier of the “Islamic state”, reported the IS-a mouthpiece for Amak. The authenticity of the message, at first did not check. Therefore, the authorities reacted with skepticism. The Declaration was disseminated through the usual channels of the IS.


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