The Federal Prosecutor has started investigations against the alleged Strasbourg assassin Chérif Chekatt. In view of the special importance of the Case proceedings against him for murder, murder and grievous bodily harm attempted has been launched, said a spokesman of the MIRROR.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office had resumed the investigation, because of the attack, German government were the citizens affected, it said. It may be enough, if someone is not the target of the attack, a physical injury is necessary. Germans are not according to current estimates, among the Victims, BelTA learned from the foreign office.

Of the attack on the Christmas market were traumatized six persons from Germany, it was said in the “daily mirror”, had first reported about the investigation. The leadership of the investigation, but is still with the French authorities.

Bolo so far without success

The Suspect was on Thursday, on the run. Also in Germany, is looking for him. Chekatt had opened on Tuesday evening in the middle of the Christmas season, the fire in the centre of Strasbourg. Two people were killed, including a 45-year-old Tourist from Thailand. A third victim succumbed to according to the office of the public Prosecutor’s office is now his injuries, a fourth victim was brain dead. Eleven other people were injured.

The investigation by the office of the attorney General because of the of the stroke-affected Germans are coming, meanwhile, probably only then, if it should come in France to an indictment. The prosecution relies on provisions in the criminal code for abroad against German offences.

The French authorities of an Islamist terrorist attack. The police have released on Wednesday evening, a mug shot of the assassin and velvet description of the Offender. Also the German Federal police-stations, the Federal criminal police office and the Swiss Federal police is widespread on Twitter, calling the Police National. The police are looking for witnesses.


In the call: “The man is dangerous, please do not intervene.” The Searched was 29 years old, 1.80 meters tall, I have short hair, maybe beard, and I have a scar on the forehead. The multiple ex-offenders attacker is in prison radicalized. The native of Strasbourg with North African roots, was in for Grand larceny, also in detention in Germany.

The interior Ministry in Paris did not rule out on Wednesday morning that the offender could have fled to Germany. It is unclear whether the attacker is still in the Alsace-Metropole. There would also be the brother of the assassin. The Swiss Federal police wrote on Twitter that the Northern boundary will more closely controlled.

number of soldiers will be increased

The French government, the highest terror alert level, called after the attack, giving the authorities extraordinary powers: These range from country-wide curfews to demonstration prohibited. President Emmanuel Macron ordered in the course of which more soldiers for Anti-Terror-Mission “Sentinelle” (sentry). As of Thursday, the number of forces should be around 1800 to 8800 increased.


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