Strasbourg, has become a silent town, at least in the centre. The core of the Alsatian city, motorways and expressways are clogged. Also on the day after the attack, three dead and twelve injured lights of the police shrug here again and again, blue team car, and they are moved in columns from one location to the next.

Also on the roads to Germany, the transport kilometres, is jammed, not far from the border town of Kehl on the Rhine bridge – the Suspect is on the run, the French police have an APB out now to the public to Chérif Chekatt. The Federal police are looking for the 29-Year-old in the border area. The officials inspect each car and each train on the border, at times, the delays in the railway act on Wednesday to Mannheim. “Due to a police investigation,” is in the afternoon, the announcement at the Mannheim train station.


Strasbourg’s historic centre, the grief, however, is everywhere visible and palpable. And uncertainty: On the bridge, which leads from the station to the centre, three men and a woman in a neon-green safety vests. You ask politely to be allowed a peek into backpacks and bags to throw.

Although there were already prior to the stop routine checks, all the security against attacks on festivals and Christmas markets in France are significantly more far-reaching than in Germany. But now the control to look your obviously in a bit more detail. “Please, the jacket open,” says one of them. None of the passers-by grumble.

In the streets and alleys of the old town are closed on Wednesday, many shops, the brown of the wooden booths of the Christmas market anyway. On the Place Kléber, the huge decorated Christmas tree remains unlit, instead of candles and tea lights burn under him. A group of street Sweepers in orange work clothes has been set up here, all silent with their heads bowed. “We meet here to commemorate the victims,” says one of them. “It is terrible that this is happening here in this city.”

A few meters away, at the monument of General Kléber, citizens have set up another makeshift memorial. Here, too, candles lit, flowers were placed, and papers Call that happened to not just accept: “All United against barbarism”, someone wrote. “For the innocent victims of the human insanity of 11. December”.

“It obviously has to do with the many Strangers and refugees,” says a grey-haired Strasbourg. But today was not the day to address it: “Today we mourn.” Everywhere in the old town of cops in blue uniforms and heavy protective vests or patrol, many of them carry machine guns.

in Front of the floor-to-ceiling Windows of a beauty salons not far from Strasbourg Cathedral, are again flowers and burning candles. “Here it has caught one of the victims,” says a young woman who has set up with other passers-by, some meters away from the Store. You look on the shop window advertising, in smiling faces with bright colors for Make-up. Then she shows down on the pavement to see on the red blood spots.

“It’s so senseless,” she says.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.