The Online video service Netflix has seen the end of the year strong growth: in the World were recorded in the three months to the end of December 2018, the bottom line is 8,84 million new paid subscription-based, as the company announced on Thursday after US stock exchange conclusion.

In the US home market, add to that 1.5 million new customers, international 7.3 million. Overall, it has brought the company to the end of the year on good 139 million paid memberships.

As a reason, among other things, the movie hits such as “Bird Box”: The Thriller with Sandra Bullock and directed by Susanne bier apply since the 21. December on Netflix. According to the company, he was called alone in the first seven days of more than 45 million user accounts; in the first four weeks, it will be according to Netflix, about 80 million user accounts.

Video: Netflix warns of “Bird Box-Challenge”


“Bird Box” was 2018 of approximately 70 feature films, Netflix presented its users with exclusive, “Dumplin'” with Jennifer Aniston or “Roma”. The Film of the Mexican Director Alfonso Cuarón was honored at the Golden Globes as the best non-English language Film and for best Director. Currently, Netflix is investing apparently millions in the Oscar campaign for “Roma”.

investors show disappointment

His revenues Netflix grew in the final quarter compared with the same period last year by more than a quarter to nearly $ 4.2 billion. The company remained thus but slightly below the expectations of Wall Street.

The profit decreased by 28 percent to $ 134 million (equivalent to approximately 118 million euros), surpassing the forecasts.

For investors, the Figures were not at first well – the stock was caught after hours in a first reaction negative. The course had previously, but it is also strong, last a price increase in the United States a boost.


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