no more long-distance traffic, Many commuters were surprised on Monday by the extent of the strike, and were late for work. And although the strike was ended after a few hours, is still expected throughout the day with cancellations.

What are the rights and responsibilities of workers have, if you come too late, for hours at the train station, stuck, or no way to find work? Here there are answers to the main questions.

What if I don’t come to work because the train is on strike?

as a General rule: If you don’t work you get no money. Employees are responsible for ensuring that you start on time to your Job, says Alexander Bredereck, specialist lawyer for employment law in Berlin. This also applies on days when trains run hours later, or the U-Bahn fails, without replacement. It is different when collective agreements or operating agreements for all other matters.

May Terminate my boss me if I’m late or not at all?

no, it’s not so simple. A warning threatening to employees only if they themselves are to blame for the Tardiness – not in the event of unforeseeable events such as a strike. It is a different matter when the strike was announced in a timely fashion.

What is considered to be in a timely manner, however, is not exactly defined. Specialists in labor law have, to date, held a lead of two to three days is appropriate. Bredereck says, however, that the Problem of strike occurs more and more frequently, and employees would have to be set in the future in the short term. Here, you can’t rely on the current case law.

How comprehensively I have to inform me?

you must not operate a day-consuming research to learn of an impending strike, says Bredereck. “When the strike was announced on Friday at SPIEGEL ONLINE, it is reasonable that you know about it.” A weekend spent, however, as in the current case before the strike, and the strike was on Friday still not in sight, was different: “you may switch off two days and not read the newspaper.”

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From the current strike, many have been surprised, says Bredereck. “That was not so refrain on Friday.” Employee applies in this case so not to blame if you are late.

How much effort do I need to run, to come, in spite of a strike in the office?

“you can’t just lie back in bed, if you see that your train is canceled”, a specialist lawyer Bredereck clear. Since they would have to anyway work, you will have time to continue to do everything in their Power to get to work. You need to inform your boss immediately about that you come too late, says Bredereck. Be sure to talk with your supervisor, whether the journey is worthwhile even for a multi-hour delay.

I’ll take a Taxi or a plane, have to pay my boss?

no, you are responsible for how they come to work and more effort and need to take a cost in the purchase. For commuters, there are no exceptions. “It is your personal decision how far you’ll be from the place of work,” says Bredereck.

However, the more cost must be in proportion to your merit. A Chairman of the Board, be expected to take a Taxi from Hamburg to Berlin. In the case of a wage of 200 euros, this would not be appropriate.

I Must make up for the time that I’m missing?

no, you are not obliged you to do so. However, you will be deducted the incorrect time from the salary. “If your boss offers, the time to catch up on, you should accept that too,” advises Bredereck. You need to pick up your child from the nursery, the.

employees are insured on your direct commute to work accident. But what if I’m just in a roundabout way to the office?

In this case, you are insured anyway accident: If you have no other way to get to work, is this the direct way to and from work. Also if you ride with a colleague and the other passengers to pick up, this is not a problem.


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