there are Many shops and ATM’s in Germany, the employees of money – and value-added services due to a Strike on Wednesday have no fresh cash. Drivers of armored trucks, money counter and preparer for many of the money had been transports on the Morning of the strike, informed the speaker of the national associations of the trade Union Ver.di.

The participation in the work stoppages was very good, said Arno Peukes, negotiators from the trade Union Ver.di. She had called the 12,000 employees of the money – and value-industry strikes.

According to the Union, should be disturbed by the strikes of the cash transport in Germany “significantly”. Many banks and retailers would get after the holidays no cash, and ATMs would not be filled.

The fear of serious bottlenecks, according to the Federal Association of German money and valuables services (BDGW) but exaggerated. It could quite possibly happen that individual, high traffic vending machines were empty, said a spokeswoman. In this case, customers could Dodge but on the next machine.

More on the subject of searching for ATMs, Where the path to the cash far

there is also Regional and depending on the operation, there is a “very, very different” strike participation, said the spokesman of the BGDW. While amounts in some companies, more than 50 percent, spent mainly in the Eastern Federal States is much lower. A walkout of a few hours could bridge each company.

How long will it take the strike, is still unclear. For the sectoral wage negotiations are currently underway. In the next talks on Thursday and Friday, the employer would need to submit a negotiated offer, required.di. Otherwise, would extend the work stoppage.

the Background for the strike is the fixed round of collective bargaining for the employees of the money – and value-added service industry. Ver.di, the previous offer of the company referred to as a non-negotiable. The BDGW stressed, however, had already gone to the limit of what is economically justifiable. The Union is demanding an increase in the hourly rate to 1.50 euros, as well as the alignment of salaries in the länder of East Germany.


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