What is the cost of lunch in the school? How much is the daily bus ticket? And what about money issues and the pins are paid for? On these issues, families in which the parents are low-income earners will have to make in the future less to Worry about.

this is The “Strong-families-the law provides for at least”, the Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, and Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (both SPD) in Berlin on Wednesday to introduce. It is to parts of the education and participation package, which was introduced seven years ago. The Reform is in two stages 1 July 2019 and the 1. January 2020 grab.

About 4.4 million children in Germany are affected, according to estimates of the German child protection Federation of poverty. For these children and their families justice should be established”,” the family Ministry is promoting the proposed law. Is that true? An Overview of the most important questions and answers.

What exactly will change for needy families?

Supplement is to be increased. He is in addition to child and housing benefits are paid and supported those families, having to make a request without this Supplement Hartz IV. The Reform should ensure that – unlike in the past, the performance falls abruptly when the income is sufficient, even without a child allowance, to cover the needs of the family. The income rises and falls off the Supplement that’s why, the families of children money. The kids money is to be increased to ten Euro per month to 204 Euro for the first and second child-from third child on: € 210 per month. In 2021 it will rise by a further 15 euros. The school start-up package is to be increased. It is part of the education and participation package. The new law provides that the personal education is required, starting next school year funded annually with 150 Euro so far, there are 100 euros. The cost for community lunch for kindergarten and school children from families with a small income wants to take over the Federal government in the future completely. So far, the families for parts of the lunch. The same is true for student tickets of public transport: children from poor families, the government wants to pay these cards – also available for trips outside of the school traffic. The tuition for students with low-earning parents should be subsidised.

How high is the children’s allowance after the Reform?

so Far, it is so: The child allowance per child to a maximum of 170 euros per month, depending on income and assets of the parents. From July 2019, the maximum monthly amount is to be raised first to 13 Euro.

Shall be credited the income of the parents during the child Supplement?

That was previously – and will continue to do so. The child Supplement is not paid in full, if the income of the parents is higher than you need for your own needs. The amount of this quantity is defined by the Federal government and adjusted annually.

If the income of the parents is higher than your needs and so, partly for the children available, the child Supplement: 50% of the amount of income that the parents have about their needs, to be deducted from the supplementary child allowance. The Reform provides for a small Change: in the Future, 45 per cent should be deducted.

Can improve the “Strong families act”, the Situation of families with a small income?

At first glance, the works. But the reality is different, my various organizations and associations. Worrying is the result of an evaluation of the Joint welfare Association and the German child protection Association is, for example: Thus many children receive little or no benefit from the benefits for education and participation that are provided for you. From August 2016 to July 2017, less than 15 percent of the children are always in age from six to 15 years services, to which they had a right to.

analysis of picture-alliance / Ulrich Baumga poverty and wealth report: the Federal government played down the child poverty

the educational work package is more bad than right, is known for a Long time. Already in one of the Federal government two years ago published the evaluation report, it became clear that many services are hardly used. The reasons: The application process is often too complex, the hurdles are too high – or the subsidies are too low to be able to about actually music lessons and an Instrument to pay for.

the planned “Strong-families-law was” especially “Strong-bureaucracy-law,” said Heinz Hilgers, President of the Association of the German child protection Association, the editors ‘ network of Germany. The new rules were “so complicated, that child allowance and the education and participation package are even more legitimate for only a small part of the claim,” said Hilgers.

There was talk of the “almost real satire” in the case of such small improvements of a law for strong families. Many poor children were living in poverty.

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