the resume is The heart of the application is in addition to the cover Letter. Because the Vita shows biography, education, circumstances, skills and interests.

Here is a career coach Martina Maushake and Staff psychologist Vera Hagemann, what should applicants tell.

The three most important tips in short form:

length: About a page long, but can be depending on the professional experience on a wide range of Layout: a Transparent and clear structure, clear structure to fail, everything must be recognizable at first glance and can be detected, the Design analogous to the cover Letter (such as a header with contact data) content: What is the job important? What are the points of the history are particularly relevant?


Depending on the professional experience of the resume can be extensive. He should be no longer than a page, page numbers important – at the bottom right, or centered. You should have a lot of experience, is a “short summary” on the cover sheet , which combines three to four main facts together – such an expert in X since Y years.

The resume should be clear and transparent. A clear structure, which makes everything Important on the first glance helps. Thus, certain tags from the tender can be find in the resume. You can also use synonyms.

“If in the job advertisement, for example, ‘a high degree of customer orientation’ is required, it results in the resume sense, intended to address the issue,” says Martina Maushake. This could be through synonyms such as “responsible for the customer satisfaction”, unless this is part of your professional experience. “This must of course be always tailored individually – there is no ‘Standard keywords,'” says the career planner.

Consider in advance what might be for the Position . If not too long ago: What course have you taken? What was the focus of the study?

you also, in advance, whether their values and attitudes fit at all to the company and to the industry. “To whom, for example, environmental protection is very important, you should think about applying to a chemistry group,” says Maushake.

structure and content: How the CV should look and what should go in?

The application, experts recommend a CV . Because of the provides Overview: on the left of the year figures, to the right of the associated content. Recruiters have a quick Overview and can determine whether in case of Overlapping, some times run parallel, or whether there are gaps.

career coach Maushake recommends the following content:

Personal information : Name, date and place of birth, nationality and current address, Professional experience/practice : professional activities and part-time jobs in education : What profession have you learned? What did you study? training : if you specify more than one training, this can be a separate section in the CV to be or training/studies : you Have only made a few training, you can take this chronological education : here you Enter your education, or at least your highest education qualification of language skills : What languages do you speak? You can also specify how good computer knowledge : here you should list what computer programs you sent Other skills: can handle include volunteer activities, Hobbies, and special skills such as facilitation skills and Workshop management

Professional background, degrees and internships

: Current number With the current Position.catch they Call their University or vocational education and their graduation and also: professional activities, volunteer activities, part-time jobs . To do this, specify the respective period of Employment. In the case of higher education graduates should be in the area of education, the Abiturder lowest point. After two to three years in the profession, it is sufficient if you mention your highest level of education.

you Have pursued your studies with determination? This can be for personal interest. study exchange or crashes you should be able to later justify in the call good . They wanted to bridge the time? Met a different subject to your ideas? You might have seen in your previous studies that a certain aspect fits much better, and then pursued?

Maushake advises, accounts highlight , that recruiters are able to recognize these at first glance. Staff psychologist Vera Hagemann recommends that all the Jobs write down that you had. The show: “I’m too good to do certain things.” Who, for example, has worked alongside the University, it shows that he can also do multiple tasks at the same time.

After a few years, does not have to be counted each internship , but only if it is relevant for the job. If you have a lot of work experience or the internship is very long, you can omit student internships without hesitation . According to the (High-)school education you need to list any temporary jobs you have had in addition to the school.

skills and knowledge

To include the skills, the consequences in connection to their educational circumstances, computer programs, facilitation skills, Workshop leadership, training skills and additional qualifications. You have clusters in IT knowledge and skills, such as Konfliktlöse training (Mediation).

“More knowledge” also fall Hobbies that show what you are interested in and what they are studying privately. Also memberships, such as Greenpeace, or any of the honorary posts are to be listed on each case. Younger can also specify if you are a Class President or goods or in the school newspaper dedicated.

Should list the candidate, their Hobbies? : “he Who makes high-performance sport, can be viewed by HR managers as a determined and assertive,” says Hagemann.

free templates for resumes, see, for example, in the case of “”.

children’s gaps and what they can> to

kids year of birth of the child (not age), to explain a perceived “gap” by itself. gaps : “gaps, I personally don’t find so bad. You should just be labelled,” says Staff psychologist Hagemann. If the gap for the point is not relevant, you should indicate in the cover Letter. Often, it is very easy to search, what you have done at the time. honest Be . Have you travelled Australia? You had a break? If you have worked abroad – keyword Work and Travel? Or you have cared for someone from the family? How you should do it after a Burn-out, you can read here: application after the Burn-out: How do I explain this? extra points is : content semester abroad or an internship you can score. Positive children in group care or volunteering in the aged care or at the shelter.

In the resume, not everything needs to – especially if you have a lot to show for it. Select the content in a targeted and always ask yourself: What is the point really of importance?

Harald Rehling/Universität Breme Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann , Born in 1981, is a psychologist and works as a Professor at the University of Bremen on the topic of human resources. Daniela Möllenhoff Martina Maushake , Born in 1973, is a Coach for professional development and career planning in Hamburg.

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