she has a bad Conscience, if you need a new piece of clothing. She only buys in cheap shops like New Yorker and Orsay, the best in the sale. And she often eats with her boyfriend, so she doesn’t have to spend so much money for food. Luxury is for you to let the Barber cut the hair.

Andrea Siebert receives 550 euros Bafög in the month. But that’s enough of a student barely to life. Alone for your room in the Dorm in Konstanz she pays 310 euros rent. “The Bafög is not absolutely to the social reality ran,” says the 23-Year-old, the Economics and sociology studies.

BafögWas for student loans? Bafög is the abbreviation for Federal training promotion act. With this promotion, which was introduced in the year 1971, it is to be young people, to undertake, regardless of their social and economic Situation of a training. Those who get Bafög? Be encouraged in General, young people with German citizenship as well as foreigners, have the prospect of remaining in Germany and are socially integrated. Trainees can usually only be funded if the training for which you are applying for, before the age of 30. Year of life, in the case of master’s programmes before the age of 35. Year of life, begin. How many students get to the Bafög maximum rate? In the year 2017, have been promoted of some of 557,000 students that received Bafög, approximately 229,000. The height of the Bafögs depends on various factors, for example, whether the students live with their parents or in a WG, whether they study abroad or in Germany how many siblings do you have and how high is the own assets. Currently, the maximum rate for students who do not live with their parents, at 735 euros. How you pay the student loans? Bafög-recipients have to pay the entire back, but only a part, because the Bafög is paid half as loan and half as a grant. For repayment, you will have in 20 years time. You can pay for it in one go or in Installments. Who’s paying for it all at once, gets a part to adopt. With the repayment, you will need to begin five years after the end of the Bafög maximum support period. A maximum of 10,000 euros must be paid back.

The Bafög, to support young people to Finance their living and to complete thus, your training in schools and colleges. Although it is intended to give this year a Reform of the promotion: The Bafög-rates, the housing allowance and the exemption amounts are increased from the winter semester for the first Time in three years, however, there was from 2010 to 2016, no adjustments. The Green-education expert, Kai Gehring has accused the CDU and the SPD, recently, to have the student loans by numerous zero and doing nothing in an all-time low across.

Since the year 2012, less and less students receive Bafög. Yet 18 percent had received the promotion, according to the Federal statistical office in 2017, only 12 per cent. Students do not apply for the money, because they believe to have no claim on the parents earn too much, or you fear to go into debt.

The Bafög Reform is to take the students this fear now, for those who are not able to repay the loan portion of the Bafög within 20 years, should be adopted in the remainder of the debt.

Oliver Kaczmarek, spokesman for education and research of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, told the MIRROR that the Amendments to the Bafög went in the right direction. However, he does not know that the Bafög enough for many of the students, in order to Finance your life.

“With the pending amendment, we Orient the student loans back more to the cost of living of the students, and it needs to be regularly adjusted,” says Kaczmarek.

How can be the student loans just?

high school expert Christiane Konegen-Grenier from the Institute of the German economy in Cologne, thinks it makes sense to pair the funding rates of the Bafögs cost-of-living. For this, students would not have to be queried individually, you could easily find what you need on the from the Federal Statistical office calculated the cost of living.

Konegen-Grenier proposes three concrete measures to make the student loans fairer.

first of all, The maximum percentage you have to pay back – so far, there are 10,000 euros – would have to consider how long someone has studied. The Caps would need to vary, depending on whether you do a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. Secondly, Each of the students, the children would have to be paid out of money directly. And thirdly, There should be a Federal student loan, a loan, the Kfw loan and education loan by the Ministry of education – in the interest of the state to be subsidized.

However, the Bafög, there is another large Problem that is not solved by the Reform. The applications are too complicated. If more students are to be encouraged, there needed to be more consulting opportunities, says Oliver Kaczmarek. In addition, “we are very dissatisfied with regard to the implementation of the electronic application”. So far, the application could be made hardly or only very cumbersome online.

All know Bafög, only a few apply, it says

Andrea Siebert from Konstanz, you’ve needed a week to the first request to be completed. There are many attachments and sometimes you had to in the law to see what is meant.

Bastian herb forest wants to change that. The 22-Year-old was on the phone with 172 Bafög Offices and found that many Offices interpret the principles differently and also have different requirements. Uniformly not over the.

herb forest has made with his Team prior to the various Berlin universities and students asked how they Finance their studies. All knew although Bafög, but only a few had requested it. Those who did, it was very difficult.

With two partners, herb woods has founded the Start-up . Students can fill out an online questionnaire, learn in real time, for which financing options they are entitled to, and will be able to submit the individual applications then digital. Herb of the forest promises to be, the taste only 30 minutes of your time. The application is successful, pay the students a fee of around 30 euros.

“out Of ten applications I can just sit an edit”

Dieter könig man on the other side of the Desk. He works at the Bafögamt the University of Göttingen and advises students: “The vast majority of the applications submitted is incomplete,” he says. King man also finds that the form leaves for outsiders are often confusing and therefore advises to take the office hours of the office.

But students commit again and again other bad error: they make false statements to your assets. “Here it is, in the past often to subsequent Checks, so that a non-negligible return of incurred claims,” says king man.

difficulties for the applicant and often also with their parents. There are a few cases where the relationships were broken, and the office of the parents had to put. “Here, it can happen that the relevant parent is not threatened with a penalty if you cooperate.”

Andrea Siebert from Konstanz has other problems. You can just about hold water, because you are working beside the study. As an auxiliary researcher she earned at the University of 200 euros in the month.

her parents, a Truck driver and a waitress in the Casino, can assist you. Of their joint income of around 2100 euros net per month, something is hardly any left. “You even had to take out a loan so I could make the Abi,” says Siebert.

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