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China’s students know how to move the world. Your courage is marvel legendary, and these days again. A hundred years ago and their 4.-May-movement to the founding of the Communist party of China two years later. 30 years ago, their protests rocked on the square of Heavenly peace in Beijing, and the world. Now they are protesting again.

Last week, the Beijing security handles authorities: Three students and two graduates of Beijing University and a Student of people’s University in Beijing disappeared, according to a student solidarity group without a trace.

students from both universities were in front of their schools with posters calling for the release of their fellow students. A few days earlier, the police had to some students of the Beijing University of Videos. It’s interrogations were arrested, in which these charges themselves.

Intentional deterrence

The Videos should obviously serve as a deterrent. But they were just even greater resentment among the students. In the Videos also Yue Xin appeared, since their arrest in August, missing a student. Yue symbolic figure of the #Metoo movement in China was that before you monopoly of Shenzhen in southern China took part in last summer studying at Peking University, graduated and protests in the Industry.

There she was arrested and not seen again until she appeared in the police Video. Western intellectuals such as the philosopher Slavoj Zizek and Yale Professor John Roemer had used previously for Yues release, also in the network there were many declarations of Solidarity.

“For the first Time I heard of the story after the Chinese new year last year,” reports a Student of the Beijing University of the MIRROR. “A fellow student from my Uni was a senior member of our Marxist reading group. After graduation, he went to Shenzhen to work, and founded there a new reading group. However, a Meeting of the group was disbanded by the police, and a further Meeting was banned and some members arrested.”

What is the Beijing Student describes fits into the picture of a new Chinese student activism of the last few years. In the center of the Marxist reading groups, there are at any Chinese University. Only limited to last less and less, to read. “It is these groups has always existed, they are an integral part of University life in China, but they stand out for years by her increasing social Engagement,” says the sinologist Daniel Fox from the East-West Seminar at the University of Göttingen.

In Beijing, visited members of these groups sites in the past, to organise reading groups with the builders. Or you put it on for the cleaning staff at your University, because it was outsourced under draconian conditions. So far, the authorities tolerated the activism.

of workers and students protesting together

But the groups are networked throughout the country and established contacts with the active industrial workers. Protests against poor working conditions and failure by the end of wages in southern China on the agenda.

library of the Peking University

But never had allied students of the best universities in the country with the protesting workers. But this happened “in spectacular fashion” in the past year, as Eli Friedman, a China expert at the Cornell University in the U.S. state of New York, the MIRROR reported.

Friedman observed, the reading groups for a long time. Its members would hardly go to his Ivy League University in the USA. “We are the rich, liberal-oriented Chinese,” says Friedman. However, the Marx-groups in China were a completely different student-Typan: “There are young people from the province, where the poverty is met. You thought to escape her with a place to study in Beijing. However, as simple as that no longer is today.”

The more the contradiction between the rich and the Poor falls on the young Marxists, between the claim of the ruling Communists and the working reality in China’s industrial areas. “Especially the students of Peking University to pull their Pride out of the revolutionary history of their University,” says Friedman.

30 students in detention

at the Latest, when students of Beijing University, will demonstrate, however, the security authorities wide-awake. Geoff Crothall, a spokesman for the independent Hong Kong information service, China Labour Bulletin, estimates today, the number of labour protests detained student activists on about 30 people – among them Yue Xin.

This may sound like a in China to do not much. However, Crothall speaks of a “very significant development”. “Many labour activists in China today, the support of the Beijing students aware,” said Crothall, the information service reported for years, detailed labour protests in China. Between 2015 and 2017, the China Labour Bulletin had counted only 6500 of such protests across the country.

Chinese students on the Campus (file photo)

go to The numerous arrests of students of the Marxist reading group of the people’s University in Beijing, Eli Friedman of Cornell University. “Where are they?” asked Friedman. He demanded that the people’s University in Beijing, with the help of Cornell’s numerous exchange programs, the statements are received.

Then, Friedman stopped in last autumn, the cooperation of the Institute with the people’s University. “American educational institutions should pull out of partnerships with universities, keep track of your students,” wrote Friedman in the journal Foreign Policy in November.

More on the theme of a German Student in China, “I wanted to know, as far as I know

” Since then, the Executive Committee of the U.S. Congress, under the leadership of the Republican US Senator, Trump-critic Marco Rubio with the University’s exchange with China. Against the Background of the war and the political clashes between the United States and China, representatives of the Trump government had used the opportunity to call for sanctions against the competing great power.

You should, however, suggested that the Trump consultant Stephen Miller to leave no single Chinese student in the United States. Their number currently stands at 340,000 today, almost 30 percent of all foreign students in the United States. Clear that it was a provocation, and hardly a serious proposal.

discussions in Germany

The debate about the right way to deal with China is now also in Germany. Under the theme of “labour and the persecution of student activists in China,” invited fights with the East-West Seminar in Göttingen a few days ago students for discussion. Daniel Fuchs speaks of a “very disturbing development” in China. Already Chinese sociologists to give their expertise because they don’t get the permission for field research.

Scientific publishers, such as Cambridge University Press to be banned in China-critical publications. For Fox, it is therefore also in Germany at the time, the German universities, almost all of the cooperate with China, “placing collective Protest,” – but individually they would be perceived differently than Cornell, in China.

it comes in the end a lot more than just the exchange of students. Just recently, US Vice-President Mike Pence in a speech, mentioned the case of a Chinese student who entered the United States for free speech in China by return of post with a Shitstorm in social media was covered.

Pence went too far. As for Friedman, the arrest of the students in Beijing went too far. It is not excluded that China’s brave students force the West to be for or against you.

but they could shake the world again.

China is developing a new student protest movement. The young academicians Express solidarity with protesting workers, and call for a clear Marxist line in the policy. In order to provoke harsh counter-reactions of the Chinese leadership, there were already a number of arrests. At the same time, Western universities are under pressure: Because of the crackdown by the Chinese authorities of their cooperation and exchange programs with China are put to the test.

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