Caro , 27, is studying veterinary medicine and Franzi , 25, studied Sinology and philosophy, both at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. Their surnames or photos on which their faces are, you do not want to make public.

MIRROR ONLINE : The district court Fürstenfeldbruck has you sentenced to a fine of 225 euros on probation, because you have broken the closed garbage containers of a supermarket in Olching and food taken. Can you accept the verdict?

Caro : On the Day of the trial yesterday so much was going on and I need to digest the experiences. I found it all quite exhausting, and the judgment is very disappointing. Finally, we were spoken to because of theft.

Franzi : The punishment itself is not hard, but we had hoped for an acquittal.

MIRROR ONLINE : to Tell you yet again what was going on: last June, two police caught the officials in front of a Container of the food chain Edeka. What happened then?

Franzi : It was in the evening, at half past eleven, we had Packed especially vegetables, juices and dairy products and were just about to drive off with our bikes. There are two policemen came around the corner and asked us what we were doing. They searched us for weapons, and asked us all the food to throw away. They also told us that they would make a criminal complaint.

MIRROR ONLINE : The court also decided that you must serve eight hours of work at the local panel.

Caro : Yes, we have been shown a yellow card, because we saved the food, and now we have to save the table of food. This is absurd and ironic, but personally, it’s nothing to us.

Franzi : We are at the table actively, the judges knew that, too. He did not want to punish us, really.

MIRROR ONLINE : Would you go again containers?

Franzi : We are still completely against the waste of food. But we must not let ourselves be for two years, nothing wrong – nothing, what could rate the court again as a theft.

Caro : Our focus now is on to come up with politicians and to talk and to publicly oppose the waste of food. We also want to help other people who are due to Containerns before a court or stand. Currently, we know of a nationwide five other cases.

MIRROR ONLINE : you have also launched a Petition, which over 90,000 people and directed to the Federal Minister of justice, Catherine Barley, and the Chairman of the Board of Edeka, Markus Moser. What will you achieve?

Franzi : We demand that supermarkets be required to distribute edible food. In France, this edition is already. In addition, the containers must not be longer be prosecuted.

MIRROR ONLINE : do you Want to proceed legally against your judgment?

Caro : We wait until we get it in writing. Then we will decide.

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