BWL-student, 27, from Bavaria: “The office told me that I should sue my father”

“before I started studying, I had to apply for Bafög. Actually, I wanted to Bafög parents independent, because I had already worked and I haven’t to my parents the best contact, but it wasn’t unfortunately.

Already two Times my student grant was rejected-request, because I had not complied with the deadlines. But that was not my fault. My father has forgotten signatures, proof is not provided, the applications incorrectly filled in. And my mother has been living for 20 years in a shelter for mentally ill people.

Because I had missed the deadlines, I had to bridge a few months without income. This was not easy and was only with part-time jobs. I’ve been working on it since the first Semester in addition to the study – Saturdays and Sundays in a bakery at 450-Euro-Basis. If I live very sparingly, I need 500 Euro in a month, but then I can afford really anything more for me.

I am also moved several times because the rent was too expensive. With my current room, I was lucky, I pay for only 200 euros in the month. My student grant is 350 euros and 92 euros go for the health insurance.

According to the Bafög-notification would have to give me my dad 400 euros a month, because he deserves so much. But he’s not. The office tells me I should sue him. But I would never do that, then I could drive again home. We have now agreed that he gives me 200 euros a month.

I buy My groceries stores, only in the case of disco, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but organic I can’t afford that. If I have money left over, I save everything, because soon, I would like to do a semester abroad. But even there, I’m going to have to find me some for a waiter Job.”


medical students, 31, from lower Saxony: “would Work for me

worth it” “I get 1125 euros Bafög in the month. That’s more than most of the other students. But I am not the typical Student. I am 31 years old and have been studying almost three years of medicine in lower Saxony. Every weekend I drive to my girlfriend to Thuringia. We have three children, and she has brought an older child with in the relationship. For each biological child, I receive a Supplement of 150 euros.

The Bafög-application I find pretty complicated, especially since we get different benefits from the state – so parents benefit, child benefit and housing benefit. Actually, I could go into the semester break to work, I am a trained physiotherapist, but would be worth it for us. Then, we run the risk that my partner will cut the housing benefit, because my income increases. Besides, this would be a huge bureaucratic effort, because I must communicate any change in the Bafög-Amt.

When I turned 30, I flew out of the student health insurance out of it. Since then, I pay a hundred euros more. I think it’s unfair.

I have to be very on the money, the only luxury I bar me is my car – a Skoda station wagon. If I need a new phone, then I may want to me by my parents. Holiday, we can’t do that with four children, actually. The last holiday a long weekend in a holiday home in the lüneburg Heath.”

student (icon image)

Right-Apprentice, 28, from North Rhine-Westphalia: “I found it humiliating to ask at the office for money

” “my first student loan application, I had contacted me several times to the office because I needed help. For telephone consultation, I reached anyone, so I went and gave it all, and the worker told me that everything was complete. Four weeks later, I received a Letter that some documents were missing.

I should prove that I had tried, my father – to which I had for ten years, no contact with more reach. I should write him a letter. I sent a registered letter. But this is not enough for the office. I had to re-send a registered letter with return receipt. When he refused to allow the adoption to be recognized by the office, that he wanted no contact with me.

The agent took care of it then. However, the procedure with the registered letter I had to repeat every year – even if it was futile to gain access to your information.

Until he released the documents then, passed time. When I asked why it took so long, and mentioned that I would need money for food, told me someone from the office, I could even go for chalkboard if I was hungry.

can you believe it? I felt already like a silly plea. I always found it very humbling to ask at the office for the money. An employee under me even once, I would be lying, as I said, I would not get any gifts of Money from my grandparents.

Overall, it took a year and a half, until my application was approved and I received the money. After the second or third request, I received a new worker, with her, everything works pretty smoothly.

Because the Bafög’t good enough, I already worked since the first Semester in addition to my law degree. First of all, in a nightclub, and later in a Bistro, then as a student trainee in a lawyer. When I had to switch to a course, because I could not agree with the work, told me a researcher, I should prefer to study business administration, with a part-time job, I could forget the Jura. My statements have I made it, however, I took two semesters longer.

I am in favour of the Bafög parents, regardless paid. Then would get those student loans, rich parents, but you would save a great deal of bureaucratic effort. In addition, the Bafög should be aligned: Who lives in Munich, is in need of more money to live than it is in Greifswald.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.