If the school is over, then what is to become of me? One in four young people in Germany leave school with a maximum of a primary education degree – and the question of training future more and more burdened for these young people.

a study by the German youth Institute, for the nation’s approximately 1200 students just before the main graduation were interviewed. While in the current survey, almost half of the young people look confused in the future career, it was 15 years ago, only 37 per cent. Most of the respondents are more Worried about career prospects as other problems, for example family or financial.

In this Interview, study leader, Birgit explains reissig, how the respondents perceive their start-up conditions.

MIRROR ONLINE: woman reissig, what are the main findings of the study?

thirty: , Although the proportion of unfilled training places in the past ten years, to 8.8 percent more than doubled, have improved the opportunities for young people with a secondary school education. 36 per cent of the respondents are therefore planning further schooling before you begin a training. So the young people reckon they have probably better chances of finding a training place, notes, and certificates seem to be important to you.

in Addition, I found the answers to our question exciting, what are the young people because later on the loved one. It was found that Young women want careers in the typical Women’s jobs, men in the Men.


The only profession that is in both sexes in the retail trade purchase woman or man. Otherwise, most of the young men who aspire to a Hauptschulabschluss want to be, motor Vehicle mechatronics technician or in warehouse logistics work. Most young women want to be a teacher, nurse or nanny. It is precisely these social occupations, their working conditions, lead to social debate. In these occupations almost exclusively to the female respondents want.

MIRROR ONLINE: Why is that?

thirty: as A result of the study is that young people in the orientation of their parents to specify questions as the absolutely most important Advisor. With you most of the discuss when it comes to the professional future. But parents are often influenced by their own experiences and are not aware of the current opportunities on the German labour market. We assume that the result is that many young people, located just before the main graduation, think very traditionally.

MIRROR ONLINE: What is the biggest Problem facing the youth?

thirty: This diffuse uncertainty: The most depressed, it is very to think about what it is later. 40 percent of students and 54 percent of the students are Worried about the future career.

MIRROR ONLINE: the situation on the training market is much more relaxed than in the past, the selection of training places greater.

thirty: That is true – and it surprised us also. Probably young people have taken before, due to the difficult conditions on the training market, first of all, what you get. Today you have the choice. The power of free, a but also in front of the big question: What exactly is it, what do I want?

And then the discussions about the working conditions in classical training, are re-appointed. Suddenly you are talking about how apprentices in these Occupations. This is of course not bad, but it can unsettle.

MIRROR ONLINE: What needs to change so that young people will soon have to make a main graduation, better?

thirty: job fairs and Talk to in schools are important, there should be more. It is even more important, however, to promote the decision-making competence of young people: they must assess learning, themselves, to describe their own abilities. Only then you can be sure. The must be trained, for example through teacher – and would have to be in these skills, then, of course, also be according to schools.

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