Basically, a lot of consumers will find higher costs for meat from animal-friendly attitude in order to the price increase may not be apparent.

This is the result of a study by the University of Osnabrück, the behavior in a multi-week test in practice in a number of super markets, the actual purchase of packaged pork. “The results surprised us,” said Ulrich Enneking from the University.

Accordingly, the 16 percent of customers were in the investigated period in the markets of the chain Edeka to buy an item with animal welfare seal of approval. In addition, price increases of about 30 cents for a medium-priced pork were “only article” according to animal welfare Standards be accepted. This corresponds to a price increase by nine to 13 percent. In the case of price increases of 26 percent for goulash, sales had gone “significantly”.

buying behaviour of apparently “differentiated and complex”

“have shown Previous surveys, that many consumers are prepared, in principle, considerably more money for meat, when it was produced to higher animal welfare Standards,” said Enneking. The observed reality in the actual purchase behaviour was “differentiated and complex”. The results are based on the sale of more than 18,000 products.

The University is compared between mid-October and mid-December, the sale of Sausages, minute steaks and stew a cheap and organic brand with a newly launched product with animal welfare seal of approval in the “medium price segment”. It was changed in between advertising and price adjustments were made.

In the checkout area, there was a parallel survey: significantly more “consumer had specified” to prefer Animal-products, as in the actual purchase behaviour observed, is the conclusion of the Osnabrück University of applied Sciences.

Also the Discounter Lidl had reported last year that the demand for more expensive products that are labeled as pet friendly, is less strong than the survey values.


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