The German trade Union Federation (DGB) is calling for a fundamental Bafög-Reform, and a significant increase in the state financing of studies. “You must allow students to be able to concentrate fully on the study focus,” says Elke Hannack, Deputy DGB Chairman, to the not-yet-released decision of the Board. The paper in front of the MIRROR.

A sufficient financial security for the course of study does not provide today’s student with the Federal government announced improvements, the decision of the trade Union Confederation. Bafög received only 12.7 percent of the more than 2.8 million students: “This is a completely unacceptable state of Affairs.”

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turning from The Grand coalition desired trend of the Bafög, the DGB is to be welcomed, however, the planned increase from the end of 2019 it is not enough. The trade Union Confederation calls instead:

a unique increase in monthly rate of currently 735 to 885 Euro (the Federal government has announced an increase to around 850 Euro) higher amounts for the imputed income an automatic adjustment of subsidy rates and allowances every two years, an increase in the cost of rental fee of currently 250 Euro per month on 312 to 522 Euro, depending on the average rental costs in the Region of the elimination of the previously applicable age limits of 30 years (the beginning of the bachelor’s degree) and 35 years (the beginning of the master’s degree).

in Addition, the DGB calls for that the student loans will be expanded in several reform steps to a full promotion. According to the plans, students would have to pay back from 2025, no Bafög support, and more. Currently, half of the received Bafög payments need to be paid after the end of the studies, the total amount is capped to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

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“The Ministry of education presented the key points for a Bafög-adjustment enough to make the promotion of the future”, says the DGB Vice-Elke Hannack.

The proposed Changes are only a part of the necessary reforms in student Finance, says the 12-page paper of the DGB. What urgently needs to be developed, was “a coherent overall architecture for the financing of lifelong learning, the different funding instruments in a transparent overall system together”.

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