The number of Bafög-recipients continued to fall, According to the latest Figures to 2017 have been promoted around of 557,000 students and 225,000 students. The answer of the German Federal Ministry of education on a small request of the Greens in the Bundestag.

So the Trend is continuing: Since 2013, the number of Eligible falls within a period of four years, there are just under 180,000 recipients of Bafög less.

The Problem: “Even with the planned amendment of the loss of importance of the Bafög is not stopped,” said the Green-education expert, Kai Gehring, citing the current draft law on increase of the Bafög.

BafögWas for student loans? Bafög is the abbreviation for Federal training promotion act. With this promotion, which was introduced in the year 1971, it is to be young people, to undertake, regardless of their social and economic Situation of a training. Those who get Bafög? Be encouraged in General, young people with German citizenship as well as foreigners, have the prospect of remaining in Germany and are socially integrated. Trainees can usually only be funded if the training for which you are applying for, before the age of 30. Year of life, in the case of master’s programmes before the age of 35. Year of life, begin. How many students get to the Bafög maximum rate? In the year 2017, have been promoted of some of 557,000 students that received Bafög, approximately 229,000. The height of the Bafögs depends on various factors, for example, whether the students live with their parents or in a WG, whether they study abroad or in Germany how many siblings do you have and how high is the own assets. Currently, the maximum rate for students who do not live with their parents, at 735 euros. By 2020, the maximum rate is expected to rise to 850 Euro. How you pay the student loans? Bafög-recipients have to pay the entire back, but only a part, because the Bafög is paid half as loan and half as a grant. For repayment, you will have in 20 years time. You can pay for it in one go or in Installments. Who’s paying for it all at once, gets a part to adopt. With the repayment, you will need to begin five years after the end of the Bafög maximum support period. A maximum of 10,000 euros must be paid back.

Although, according to a draft law from the Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), by the Federal Cabinet, the Income limit of the parents to be raised in three steps up to 2021 to a total of 16 percent. Thus, the number of Bafög-Entitled.

However, Gehring points out that the Federal government is counting on only about 35,000 in addition Funded. The end of the Green politicians, concludes that due to the expected additional expense, the the Federal government indicating to the processing.

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Gehring this important chance justice act spoke of a “fatal crash”. An end to this development in sight.

this development to stop, would have to increase the funding rates and allowances for the next Semester by at least ten per cent, called for Gehring – automatically and on a regular basis.


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