equality in Germany hardly comes: The proportion of women in parliaments has decreased, in addition, women have significantly worse educational opportunities than men. This is the result of a new study by the world economic forum (WEF).

The “Global Gender Gap Report” the WEF is published annually. In the current issue of Germany slips in the standings to 14th place, two places lower than last year. The first Ranking of 2006, the Federal Republic of Germany had stood still in 5th place. Is still the leader of Iceland.

The WEF looked at for the report in 149 countries, how well was completed credential in four areas. As a comparison value is calculated, how much the justice gap between men and women is already closed.

economy : the factors are, for example, the salaries of women and their opportunities for leadership positions. Here is the report certifies that the gender gap in Germany was closed to 73 percent in 36th place in the Ranking. In the access to education it looks better: Here, the authors of the Federal Republic of Germany will attest to have to close the justice gap, almost 98 percent. Numerous other States are coming here, however, for even better values, so that Germany ends up in this box, only to place 97 in the Rankings. In the case of the political participation Germany, with a value of nearly 42 percent in the global comparison of after all, on place 12. In the field of health such as the life expectancy is considered. The gap was closed to 97 percent, the authors write – and yet it is enough only to place 85.

Overall, the stagnation of the equality, in some areas the gap waxes, warns the WEF. Thus, the gap between men and women in the areas of health and education have increased. Only in the case of the equal economic opportunities, the gap has been reduced, however, the proportion of women in the global labour force had declined.

In the previous year, had identified the authors for the first time since the publication of the study in 2006, a worldwide increase in the gap between women and men. Against this Background, the be – albeit marginal – improvement this year is to be welcomed. Worldwide, the gender gap is closed, therefore, to 68 percent.

Western Europe as a Region leader

“More than ever, it is not can companies afford to waive the skills, ideas and perspectives of half of humanity,” said WEF founder Klaus Schwab in the report. Only with the equal participation of women in the promise of a well-‘ll have to implement the human-oriented future.

My life as a Headhunter, “mothers are virtually unemployable,”

there are problems almost everywhere. Also the leader of Iceland has a rating of a to 85.8 per cent closed gap worse than in the previous year (88 per cent). There have widened the gap in the case of female parliamentarians as well as civil servants and managers.

Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as the Central American Nicaragua, and the East African Rwanda to follow. The USA will fall by two places to rank 51. Western Europe is the Region with the highest gender equality (75.8 per cent), the conclusion of the light of the Near East and North Africa (60.2 per cent).

At this pace it’ll take longer to close the global gap between the sexes, the authors write. You can count on for the 106 countries that were already investigated in 2006, with 108 years – compared with 100 in the previous report.

in other words: those Who want equality must be at the current pace of Change patient. To equality in the workplace, it would take even 202 years.


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