The average hourly wage of German top athletes sponsored by the German sports aid, is 7,41 Euro. The study, published by the German sports aid Foundation on Thursday. Thus, the income of athletes is lower than the statutory minimum wage. The lag 2018 at 8,84 Euro and was increased for the year to 9,19 euros.

the time was Taken to the income for sports, occupation, and education. According to the survey of 1087 athletes, this is on the average 56 hours per week, divided into 32 hours of Sport and 24 hours of vocational work or training. “The Investment of the athlete pays for itself often only in the case of an Olympic victory,” said Christoph Breuer of the German sport University in Cologne, who had interviewed the athletes on behalf of the German sports aid.

the aim of the study was to “lay the Finger in the wound,” said sports help Chairman Michael Ilgner. The number of participants represent in terms of numbers, about three-quarters of the German Olympic team at the summer games. Not of the study, professionals from the Ball – and game sports, professional winter athletes and exceptionally successful athlete were taken into account, however. A fact that is contrary to the Principal of the study – the purpose of the Foundation of the German sport assistance is the financial support of sport.

In conclusion the study States: “The top sports in Germany produced public goods: national representation, Pride, Happiness, and role models.” Most of the public goods such as roads, defence and education would be financed by public funds, while high-performance athletes would not be rewarded for it. The company was not “about this production logic” in the Clear, and overestimate “the income of the top athletes solid.”

high-performance athletes are often low income earners

As the study showed, the amount of the annual gross income of the athletes in the section on 18.680 Euro, in a month there were 1,560 euros. This revenue comes to around 25 percent from private sources, such as professional activities, the promotion of training or support from family and friends.

From the sports aid supported athletes received in the past year, 550 euros per month. In 2010, there were 250 Euro. “Our goal is to have 1000 Euro,” said Ilgner. At the age of 18 to 30 years, the athletes would have to abstain in comparison to the normal population on an income of a minimum of 58,000 Euro.

Nevertheless, the top athletes in Germany are the results of the study found that life satisfaction – the average score was 7.4 on a scale of 0 (totally dissatisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied). The satisfaction with the personal income with a value of 5.0, however, lower.

The Chairman of the sports Committee of the German Bundestag, Dagmar Friday, called the study a “Wake-up call for all those responsible in the Sport.” Furthermore, she said: “We must continue to work hard for a better funding of our elite athletes.” The sports Committee have recognized the need for, and will initiate a direct support for the athletes concerned.


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