There are studies as to their scientific relevance itself is an excellent argument. So researchers have explored already how to break Spaghetti before cooking are best, or how to topple the Galapagos giant tortoises.

The weirdest and most bizarre studies are awarded the prize each year, even with a prize, the Ig Nobel. This year have been awarded to the otherwise rather for serious research, well-known Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, about a medical study. The topic: How roller coaster ride can help kidney stones to solve.

A Prime candidate for the coming year, a new survey by researchers for the popular series “Game of Thrones is without a doubt”. The scientists have studied how the brutality of well-known Fantasy story, slaughtered and slain. 330 characters from the first seven seasons were put under the microscope.

“Game of Thrones”, a short-season declared final “Game of Thrones” in a nutshell

According to the investigation, men of a low level have, not surprisingly, is particularly poor chances of Survival. In addition, a carved-out characters have prominent high death rate, the main author Reidar Lystad from the Australian Institute of health innovation Macquarie University in Sydney. The work was published in “Injury Epidemiology”, a specialist journal, injury.

people who change their alliances never have also an increased risk for the Filmtod. “At the end of the seventh season 186 of 330 died, more than half of characters,” said Lystad. The most common cause of death was by a large margin of violence. The shortest survival time on the screens was eleven seconds.

a fire-spitting dragon, and an ice-cold Zombie army with a mix in the series world, which is similar to the middle ages. Several family tribes to fight for the “Iron throne” of the continent of Westeros is a dangerous place. There will be equal to 80 percent of all deaths take place in cases such as the evaluation of the experts revealed.


The causes of death, the researchers listed meticulously, with Nearly 74 percent died of their injuries, especially head and neck – 13 beheadings included.

And how many characters of a natural death died? Just two: the wrinkled Maester Aemon and Old Nan due to old age.

The study could perhaps help to find out who will prevail in the eighth and final season, hopes to Lystad. The U.S. television channel HBO is showing the final season starting next April. Usually the new episodes immediately after the US-Start in Germany.

To conclude, it is to come to the U.S. magazine “Entertainment Weekly”, the biggest battle in television history. The fight against an army of the undead had been turned on for weeks in the North Irish Belfast. This looks like a lot of work for a new study.

The global Hype surrounding the Saga from the point of view of the science is quite explainable. “The crux of the matter is an internal tension between rock-hard realism and Fantasy,” said cultural theory-Professor Jan Söffner of the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen on lake Constance. In contrast to conventional Fantasy all come in “Game of Thrones” is actually always different than you think.


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