more and more people are opting for electric cars and Plug-In Hybrids. A recent study of the CAM-Institute in Bergisch Gladbach, according to the last year, have been sold worldwide, about 2.1 million units. Their market share, therefore, rose to 2.4 per cent of all new registrations. In the current year, the Institute Director Stefan Bratzel expects a further increase in the sales of 2.7 million E-vehicles.

the driver of the development is, according to the study, China. The people’s Republic of stands for 60 percent of global demand, so Bratzel: one Million E-cars and to 202,000 electrically powered commercial vehicles were sold last year. The market share had increased to 4.5 percent. In the current year he expects a further increase to 1.6 million E-vehicles.

charging infrastructure as a critical factor

sales In the US rose to 361.000 E-cars, this corresponds to a market share of 2.1 percent. The new Tesla gave for the rash, is it in the CAM study. In Europe, Norway is 73,000 sold E-cars in the largest market – every second recertification in the Oil-rich country that has become an electric car is. In Germany, the demand to 68,000 E-vehicles or two percent market share increased, in the UK, 60,000 in France to 46 000.

With the introduction of new E-models by Tesla, Audi, and Daimler expects Bratzel in the current year in Germany, with 90,000 newly registered E-cars. The production of the car many of the auto companies problems. VW had recently announced that because of the shift from the internal combustion engine up to 7000 Points.

A bigger leap in the E-car production, according to CAM-to expect to study until 2020, because then a lot of manufacturer new E-bring cars to the market. In addition, the EU climate targets are forcing the car manufacturers to reduce CO2 emissions with electric cars.

The Charging infrastructure, however, was a critical factor, says the study. Companies are thinking about developing power banks for electric cars.


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