The sturgeon action with drones over the London Gatwick airport threatens the operation of the seventh largest Airport in Europe, even the entire Friday to paralyze. Despite the use of the army and the police were seen on Thursday evening, flying robots on the runway, so the takeoff and landing ban until Further notice remains in force.

Since Wednesday evening in Gatwick, apart from a three-quarter hour break, not one more plane landed or launched. Incoming machines had to be diverted and in part hundreds of kilometres away, and airports such as Amsterdam and Paris. According to the airport management will have to adjust passengers to the fact that it stays on Friday.


“This is a precisely-planned activity that was designed, the airport paralyze and bring maximum disabilities in the run-up to Christmas,” said Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate. On Thursday, 115,000 of travelers were affected, for Friday, a further 126,000 people in Gatwick. In order to defuse the chaotic situation, should bans on Night flights to other airports will be temporarily repealed.

forces were able to protect the interference via Gatwick, in spite of a large police operation, with helicopters and sharp, as well as a special army unit to bind first. Dive a drone over the airfield, there’s also a launch is conceivable, said the police. Transport Minister Chris Grayling has assured, it will be operated in a “huge effort” to stop the disruptive actions.

the Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a close cooperation of the authorities with the airport. “The activity that we have seen, is illegal, and those caught in the process, to bring the aircraft in danger, can get a prison sentence of up to five years,” said May.

Video: drones set in London-Gatwick lame


In the case of the at least two drones, it is not according to the police in order to Hobby aircraft. They are rather intended for professional use. Evidence of a terrorist Background, it was not according to the authorities, but. In the first 24 hours after the cessation of the operation, the police counted more drones than 50 sightings. According to media reports, investigators are checking if there is a more radical Eco-activists behind the interference.

With more than 45 million passengers in the past year, Gatwick is the seventh largest airport in the EU and the second largest in the UK, behind the Europe-wide leader London-Heathrow.


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