According to the alleged Exploits at the airports in Stuttgart and Paris, have given the investigator the all-clear. Several house searches had not revealed any evidence for the preparation of an Islamist terrorist attack, according to the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s office, the Federal police Directorate and the police in Reutlingen.

On Friday morning, the apartments of a 28-year-old man in Baden-Württemberg and of a 48-year-old man in North Rhine-Westphalia have been searched. The people were advised to Indicate a possible unauthorized disclosure of airports and a suspect’s Internet communications to the attention of the investigators.

On the 12. December 2018, had been observed therefore at the Stuttgart airport, two men with no Luggage, which had apparently observed the control measures at the Terminal 2. The police spoke of a “reasonable suspicion” that the airport should be accessed. A day later, a similar process occurred at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, when the two men noticed. A connection of the incidents could not be confirmed. (Read more about it here.)

Federal police want to go back to the increased use at the Stuttgart airport

“According to the present knowledge, the observation is at the Stuttgart airport in any connection with possible attack plans or Islamist activities”, informed the authorities.

in the meantime, identified the men had brought a also known by name a woman to the airport. They had stayed for a longer period of time in the departure hall, and appeared suspicious because they had closely followed, as the woman went through the security check. In none of the examined men, it is a so-called threat.

The Federal police wants to, and according to their increased use at the Stuttgart airport. “The suspicion and danger of the situation in connection with a possible spying at the airport Stuttgart is largely removed,” said the Federal police headquarters in Potsdam.


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