Nick Ayers does not want to accept the Post of chief of staff in the White house, the Donald Trump. Ayers was the preferred candidate of the US President. Ayers tweeted, however, that he does not wish to accept the Post.

According to his Tweet, Ayers wants to leave the White house for the end of the year. At the same time he assured the President of his loyalty: “I will go to the end of the year, but I’m going to work with the Make-America-Great-Again-the Team, the thing.” Ayers also indicated a move to his home state of Georgia.

Allegedly, Trump wanted to commit to the 36-Year-old for two years, so this is involved in the work for the 2020 elections. But Ayers got flagged for family reasons.

Currently, Ayers rod is the boss of Vice-President Mike Pence. Reuters reported, citing sources, Ayers will join a political Association.

number of candidates in the interview

About the Alternatives, there are various rumors. The U.S. President was considering instead two other candidates, reported the Reuters news Agency, without citing the source.

In the case of the candidate it should be said to Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, and the arch-conservative current Republican Mark Meadows. The Associated Press news Agency reported, in turn, also Mick Mulvaney is in the conversation. Mulvaney is the Director of the office of management and Budget accounting. Trump would decide soon for a new Any.

On Saturday the US had informed the President that the White house chief of staff, John Kelly, had to leave the Post until the end of the year. Before Kelly Reince Priebus had to leave the Post after only six months in office.


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