show master Florian Silbereisen to become the new “dream ship”-captain in ZDF, and thus the successor of Sascha Hehn. “This role is for me a matter of the heart,” said the 37-year-old presenter of the “image”-newspaper. The “dream ship” gained a captain who live in this role and the series. A captain to maneuver the ship through all the storms, said silver iron. “I am going to give everything, all my passion.”

Hehn was adopted with the new year’s day episode aired after 13 trips as captain Victor Burger. “Unfortunately, the series has lost in the last two years, your charm,” said Hehn at that time.

Starting in April, will now be the new, regular “dream ship”-follow turned. The travels of the “Amadea” for the two to follow, the Christmas of 2019, and on new year’s day 2020 is to be broadcast, are already in place: Colombia and the Caribbean are to be controlled according to ZDF. For an Easter special episode of the actor Daniel morgenroth takes the wheel. He is represented as a first officer Martin Grimm, the captain of the MS “Amadea”.

silver iron said in an interview with the “Bild”newspaper, the “dream ship” is “an Institution, an integral part of millions of people who enjoy these films.” It was a great honor to be the “dream ship” as the captain in the future. He wanted to try to combine “Show and series, big Stars, and surprising stories to each other”. Silver iron had a recurring role in the Show a guest. He is now the youngest captain in the history of TV series.

“The dream ship” has developed since its launch in November 1981, to a TV classic. In front of silver, iron, and Hehn Günter König, Heinz Weiss and Siegfried Rauch as captain on the command bridge.


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