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The European Union has given great Britain, new representations, to loosen the Brexit-Blockade in the London Parliament. In a statement at the Brussels summit, the 27 remaining countries of the EU leaders promised late on Thursday evening, that the application of the special rules for an open border in Ireland should be avoided if possible.

Should be used is the so-called Backstop, nevertheless, “would he applied only temporarily, until he would be replaced by a sequence solution, which ensures that a hard limit is avoided”, – stated in the decision. In this case, the EU would use all the forces, to negotiate an agreement quickly and complete. The same would be expected of great Britain, “so that the Backstop would be only as long as necessary”.

So the EU is trying to weaken the British, Ensure that the Backstop for the lifetime of the solution. Strict Brexit advocates fear that the UK would remain bound so tightly to the EU and no trade could enter into contracts. Among other things, therefore, no majority for the termination agreement signed in the British house of Commons.

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the UK wants the EU on 29. March 2019 to leave. The British Prime Minister Theresa May had been postponed to last Tuesday’s planned vote on the Brexit Treaty in the British house of Commons due to a lack of majorities. In January, is now to be matched, then the remaining 27 EU want to negotiate-States with great Britain over the future of relations with each other. to bring

the agreement by the British Parliament, had May of the EU now demands “legal and political assurances”. Legally binding through the summit Commitments, however, are not. Nov protested in Brussels, their Confidence that the EU’s exit from the Treaty in the lower house will still find a majority.

video analysis to trust no-confidence vote against May: “No act of liberation”


Juncker calls by the British for more clarity

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, according to the summit’s discussions that the EU will at the same time intensify their preparations for Britain to exit the EU without an agreement. Next Wednesday the Commission will present a guide for such a tough Brexit, said Juncker.

He criticized the British attitude as “nebulous and imprecise”. Juncker called on the British government to clarify in the coming weeks, what exactly do you expect from Brussels. “Our British friends must tell us what you want, instead of asking us what we want,” he said. “I need clarifications.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel said in the night to Friday: “We want to have a very close partnership with the UK, because we have friendship, we feel the United Kingdom.” A renegotiation of the agreement with London, but refused. “It’s negotiated and that’s true.” Merkel made as Juncker clearly that the preparations for an unregulated outlet UK would have to go out of the EU. “But our desire is to have an agreement.”

What is the summit thought-Declaration

In the run-up to the Brussels meeting was cancelled, especially paragraph 5, of the thought the summit was a Declaration, a controversial (read more here). He was: “The Union is ready to examine whether further assertions can be made.” This passage, many went too far – in the adoption of this statement, he was completely unnecessary. Instead, it is there now, the EU must prepare more on the Brexit-the consequences – “taking into account all possible outcomes”.

At a Meeting in Brussels of the Brexit was the prevailing theme. The heads of state and government agreed on but also for an extension to the European economic sanctions against Russia. They deliberated for the first time on the EU community budget for the next decade. An agreement there will be probably at the earliest in the autumn of 2019.


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