The only Japanese sumo wrestler with the rank of Yokozuna-the Grand master has finished his career. The 32-year-old Kisenosato stepped back in the face of a form crisis, and because of injuries, he announced on Wednesday in an emotional press conference.

The 180-kilogram Kisenosato was the only Japanese wrestler since 1998, had ascended to these heights of the tradition of Sports. After his resignation, only two wrestlers from Mongolia to remain in the top class.

Kisenosato is in February of 2017, with the rank of Yokozuna, approximately 18,000 Japanese were at that time a pilgrimage to the Meiji Shrine to the traditional ceremony. After a promising Start in his first new year rings, the so-called Basho, he moved a chest injury – and then he had to do without eight tournaments in a row. Kisenosato fought back again, but at the recent new year rings he lost in three Fights.

Kisenosato (rear)

“I have the feeling that I’ve done everything I could, and I regret that I was not able to meet the expectations of a Yokozuna,” said Kisenosato, whose real name is Yutaka Hagiwara. He was only 72. Yokozuna in the nearly 400 year old history of Sumo.

Who receives the Yokozuna rank, the Japanese Sumo Association, together with a convened a Commission from Japan. Conditions also soft factors (the sumo wrestler) are in addition to constant sporting success. Who is Yokozuna, the Association can take no more. However, it is expected that a wrestler not resign voluntarily, if he the Status is worthy of.

Kisenosatos decision triggered even in the political top of the country’s compassionate reactions. “It’s sad,” said government spokesman Yoshihide Suga: “I think he has drawn as the first Japanese-born Yokozuna in 19 years, a lot of Fans in its spell.”


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