triggered The final of the international Supercup, Juventus against AC Milan in the land of fierce debate – blame it on the venue: Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

In the Kingdom to respect basic human rights – and the League sold the game on Wednesday between the reigning Champions and European Cup winners Juve against rivals Milan, losers in the Cup finals, for seven million euros to the sheikhs.

“is That an Italian Supercup will be played in an Islamic country where women have no access to the stadium, if they are not accompanied by men, an abomination,” said interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the right-wing populist party Lega. The Milan-Fan “will not pursue this Match”. Other politicians even demanded the cancellation of the game, Fans in the social networks to the TV-Boycott – the game is transferred in the case of RAI live.

women only in the family block

The Serie A earned once again a massive criticism after they announced that women are not allowed to sit anywhere in the king-Abdullah-stadium – they have areas by the purchase of an admission ticket only access in the “family”. Series-A-Boss Gaetano Micciche cannot understand all the excitement.

“Female viewers can come without a male escort, however, you have to sit in a separate part of the Grandstand,” said Micciche, and celebrated this as a success: “up Until a year ago, you were excluded from all sporting Events.” The League began with the rulers, that “women will have in the next Games, we will unsubscribe in the country, access to all stadium sectors.” The finalized Deal has a maturity of more than three years. In addition, Micciche pointed out that the government’s close ties to Riyadh to care for, the country is an important trading partner.

While DFL CEO Christian Seifert last point has excluded games outside of Germany, of Italy Finale in the Supercup now already for the tenth Time in a foreign country and has already played in countries such as Libya, Qatar or China. But the excitement was so great as at this time, especially since the assassination of the Saudi journalists made Jamal Khashoggi last caused a stir.


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