The U.S. Supreme court has rejected the President, Donald Trump demanded asylum ban for immigrants crossing illegally the border between the United States and Mexico. Thus, the Revision of Trumps failed against a previously precipitated judgment in San Francisco.

On Trumps side of the new judges Brett Kavanaugh and three other conservative judges. Migrants, who gathered in the Mexican city of Tijuana and across the border to America, fled, and should therefore remain a legal asylum procedure is denied. The chief justice John Roberts and the four more liberal judges of the court rejected this proposal, however.

The President had signed in November a proclamation against illegal immigration. The asylum procedure should therefore be only at official border crossings. Trump said he was reacting to the “caravans of migrants”, who came to the border.

according to Trump, only legally traveled to be able to apply for people in the United States for asylum. A judge in San Francisco had stopped the move back in November, but the defeat did not want to give the President satisfied and appealed to the Supreme Court.

Trump also announced that up to 15,000 soldiers to the border security. The costs for this should amount at 5900 soldiers to about $ 210 million. The Ministry of defence this week notified the US Congress. A further 2100 powers would burden the US Budget with $ 138 million.


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