To the Person Elfi Gilissen Elfi H. M. Gilissen , born in 1969, lives in Eindhoven. In Australia, she was for the first time in 2000. Since then, the studied Translator travels almost every year for several weeks to Down Under – in search of new discoveries. She writes books for the Reise Know-how Verlag.

Like the perfect Start to the day is possible in Sydney?

sydneysiders are a fitness crazy, you can erjoggen your life easy. So, the running shoes for the unpacking – and in the morning up on the six-kilometre-long coastal path from Bondi to Coogee. The is thanks to various gradients challenging, but also provides a magnificent views of the South Pacific.

And if you prefer to go for a swim?

in the North Sydney Olympic Pool. Who pulls here, under the open sky, its 50-Meter lanes, you can admire the Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s Skyline. At sunset you can swim here in the bright lights of the adjacent amusement parks.

What is not to be missed in Sydney really?

The Opera house, but from the inside! Even if you are not a Fan of big arias, you should book well in advance of your trip to Australia the program of study and tickets to a ballet, concert or Musical in the landmark. Good to know: There is in the magnificent building of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and even circus performances, cabaret and pop concerts. Cheaper Last-Minute Tickets are available half an hour before the performance for students and for all 30 years.


Shopping in Sydney – where to go to spend money?

The chains along the Pitt Street Mall, you can leave the left. Great little clothes shops are there in Oxford Street in the Paddington area. Anyone looking for Vinyl, and new decorations favorites, you will find it in the Crown Street in the trendy district of Surry Hills, the best in the section between Devonshire and Albion Street. Pieces of jewelry with real pearls, there are at Paspaley at Martin Place – it is the Loading of the oldest Australian pearl-diving company. Extremely beautiful, extremely expensive.

Sydney is in any case not a Low Budget destination. Where to stay cheap?

The youth hostels are simple, clean and affordable – and even offers harbour views: Sydney Harbour YHA in the district of The Rocks. An on-site Café and Pool, and a Mini-cinema in the Sydney Central YHA. And for train-the nostalgic should it be the Sydney Railway Square YHA – there you sleep in converted railway carriages.

more beautiful it feels to stay in Sydney but……

……in a Dive Hotel on Coogee Beach. Of the simply decorated rooms, some with sea views. The guests will have to pay more than 300 Australian dollars per night, but also expensive. Those who do not travel in high season, get a regular room for just $ 130.

Australia-Quiz Are you ready for the bloody island?

hungry? Thirsty? This addresses you need to know:

A super tasty Brekky – so the Australians call the Breakfast – in the Blacksmith in Chalmers Street. Here the entire interior is covered with copper, not only is the teapot. The ambiance is supposed to remind you of the time when Sydney was a penal colony. The plate with the poached Egg, Toast with bacon and hash Browns with Guacamole or Beetroot spread. There is in Sydney countless cafes , in which the perfectly styled Baristas pouring your perfectly brewed coffee in the cardboard Cup of stressed city dwellers. Without the hustle and bustle is in the Banquerie, a Café in the trendy district of Pyrmont, where the guests to the Union Square look and Macarons and cream cake and to eat it. Off to the Hotel – as it is called in Australia, the old Pubs, where you can also good and cheap food . In the Paddo Inn, there’s the Snapper fillet for the equivalent of 20 euros, or a Wagyu Sirloin steak for € 21. A few houses further on, crispy Pizza from the oven of the Italian Bar comes wonderfully – with around 15 Euro, which is comparatively inexpensive. The Trinity Bar on Crown Street is one of those classic Australian pub at the corner in Surry Hills. You have to order an expensive Steak, but you can ask for 10 Euro a Burger or salad together.

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Where to go in the evening?

In one of Sydney’s many Corner Pubs with Live music. Hardly a Tourist lost in the bald Rock Hotel in Rozelle, where on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, undiscovered talents occur. Also great: The Horse in Surry Hills. There’s good live music and cool Craft beer.

And from where at night the most beautiful views of the city?

From the Rooftop Bar of the Glenmore Hotel in the district of The Rocks. In the case of a Pimms or a Pure Blonde Cider you admired the office towers of the Central Business Disctrics and the sail-shaped roof of the Sydney Opera. My favorite: the revolving O Bar 47. Floor of the Australia Square building. Although you have to shell out 19 bucks for a Frosé – this is an ice cream Cocktail of Rosé champagne and fresh Grapefruit but the sunset is unforgettable.

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new year’s eve in Sydney – where the Start of the new year is the most beautiful?

In the Barangaroo Reserve, an elevated Park in the harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens on the edge of the Opera house or on a boat, which sails at midnight, by the Bay. However, the Tickets are sold out for months in advance – the new year’s eve night will be well planned. Who has nothing to busy, should take the ferry to Balmain East and along the water post – from there you have the perfect view of the fireworks.

You don’t understand Sydney,…

…if you have not visited at least once a game of Cricket or Rugby at the Sydney Cricket Ground on the outskirts of the suburb of Paddington. The Fans meet here are like a big family picnic, the ice maker may not be missing full of Snacks.

DISPLAY Elfi H. M. Gilissen:
Elfi H. M. Gilissen: Reise Know-How CityTrip Sydney

144 pages; 11,95 Euro

For families is Australia becoming more and more popular. What to do with the Kids?

get on the ferry to Manly! On the beach the Small dig, and Older can learn how to Surf. The port ships also stop at Taronga Zoo. Here is the tree kangaroo, the platypus and the Bilby visit, there are a few exceptions – only in Australia. A great view of the giraffes have: you only need to turn your long neck in the direction of the port and look directly at the Opera house and Harbour Bridge.

Giraffe in the Taronga Zoo

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