No other concern has won for the Germans as very important as the fear of poverty in old age. This was the result of a survey conducted by the consulting company Ernst & Young trust to the consumer. Accordingly, more than every second German citizen is concerned about a lack of coverage in the pension age . 27 percent of respondents to the survey of great concern, 29 percent are slightly worried. The were 18 percentage points more than in 2017.

For the survey were interviewed in November of last year, 1000 consumers in Germany. It became clear that today’s retirees rate their financial Situation compared to younger generations significantly more negative. Only a third of consumers over 65 is with his financial Situation. And only six percent expect their Situation to 2019 improved – by far the lowest values among all respondents.

it is also striking: There are primarily male high-earner, middle-aged, are currently satisfied with their economic Situation: respondents with an annual income of more than 70,000 euros (net) are 77 percent positive about their economic situation – who, however, earned less than 25,000 euros per year, is much more critical: In this group, 26 percent of the respondents are just satisfied.

women are more dissatisfied than men

Significantly, the difference between men and women : Only 38 percent of the female respondents are satisfied with their financial Situation, but 47 percent of men.

Overall, the large majority of respondents (89 percent) evaluated their financial situation at the end of the year 2018 in a positive or neutral – only eleven percent of Germans are with their economic Situation dissatisfied. The are, however, slightly more than last year, when only eight percent assessed their situation negatively. And also the General Outlook has worsened slightly: The proportion of citizens who were optimistic about the future falls from 83 to 80 percent.

want money

spend cautious A reason for this could be the skepticism towards the economic development. Only 14 percent of German citizens expect improvement of the economic Situation in Germany in the year 2019, while at the same time, 26 percent expect a deterioration.

This fits in with the respondents to screw their spending in 2019, tend to be back want. In particular, in the case of consumer electronics (such as Smartphones and Tablets), major purchases (such as cars or kitchens), as well as house and apartment renovations, you want to spend less. Only in the categories of holiday and food expenditure are expected to rise, according to the below-the-line.

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