Although I am a human who is very fond of forests, I felt I personally never have the urge to prove myself in dark woods in terms of survival training. The market for Survival training but is booming.

Who wanted to practice from time to time without water and only with a minimal set consisting of a knife, tinder bag and compass for the potentially catastrophic case of an emergency in the forest, you can make a reservation for your adventure holiday in the meantime, even through travel search engines. Traps and rabbit crispy fry: Here, the prosperity of degenerate learning in large cities, and spends the whole day in the PC is how real life feels.

I Might be wrong thoroughly, but this Form of closeness to nature seems to be a male domain. But also the ever-popular Survival-docs refer to the DMAX, which advertises itself with the Slogan “Real entertainment for real men”.

There you can see a real nature boy at Survival: Hippieeske hunters and collectors of samples with a warhorse Exsoldaten the Survival in the Wilderness, according to different dealing with of the nature. Time hands-on-gruff, sometimes tender-thoughtful. But in the end it may happen that you, bleary-eyed each other warm, in a pile of Leaves. Bromance under the canopy.

A little bit of the Survival-documentaries remind us of the medieval heroic epics. Anyway, they are knitted very similar: The Hero leaves the civilization in the medieval epic, it is the castle, with strict rules and a fixed social order and tested in the immediately success of the confrontation with wild beasts (usually bear, lion and dragon in the forest) lurk his heroism.

He must go to Aven doors, to be back in the civilization as a knight and a courtly Hero recognized. The heroic action outside of the civilization refers to the civilization. It is a place of return, the circle must close. So it is also in the documentaries. Fortunately, who wants to daily possum for dinner eat?

man against nature

nature offers until then, dissolving the boundaries of experience. The nature also of the life-world, the stricter the social order, the greater the desire can be made to the Wilderness, in the with the own hands of real work.

anyone Who can prove, in case of emergency – not only the close-to-nature – himself and his family from wild animals to protect, or after a major natural disaster with minimal Prepping-use for a few weeks to survive.

The title of the Shows – “Exposed in the Wilderness”, “Alone in the Wilderness”, or even “Naked Survival” (for the pinch of sex appeal) – are as imaginative as the content of: He against you, man against nature. Nature takes on a strange double meaning. It is a hostile habitat, and at the same time, desire occupied the place, which is charged with the romantic idea of virginity.

In the modern nature documentary, so the fantasies of heroes is a mix of a ride and the conquest of beautiful women. Nature is the irrepressible Wild to be conquered.

The above-mentioned documentaries or the ever so popular adventure stories of the “Sir Vival” Rüdiger Nehberg always remind you of the words of Donna Haraways, your character is a biologist and a philosopher: nature is not the Other, a mother, a lover, a slave, or resource. Neither a mirror nor a tool for the reproduction of the human being.

Haraway argued not only against the instrumentalization of nature as a resource supplier, but also against the glorification of the same as an entity, return to the, it is in terms of a supposedly original nature.

civilization as modern slavery

nature as a testing and delimitation of space, Henry David Thoreau was the author of escape from civilization. In his book, “Walden”, he tells of his time as a drop-out on the same lake in Massachusetts. Those who believe that the enslavement of Blacks for outrage, Thoreau, should not conceal the fact that the modern man (the white man) have a much worse kind of slavery: namely, the civilization.

Thoreau’s story has a nice twist, So his mother cared for him during the two years, two months and two days time in the press Walden Pond with fresh linen. We learn: The phase-out of civilization into nature, which remains self-experience as a free man in case of doubt, reserved for the husband. Mother is still enslaved in the Laundry room.

The Reification of nature as a self-testing room is, of course, not only the matter of delimitation with an affinity with nature boy. Just think once of the events in the hambach forest. So the Protest against its deforestation entitled to exactly the Moment in which an energy transition is more pressing than ever that is, may be, strange as the fervor of Tree-hugging necklaces to your favorites appears.

Our distant ancestors once left the trees; now we return to in the desire to preserve the helpless creatures before the grubbing-up, on the tree. It is sung, and pied, and the death of the tree appears as the ultimate proof of the inhuman cruelty of the Humanitas.

The real Pointe is, of course, that the hambach forest, such is a: a floor space, since the 16th century. Century is managed by people, and there is no primeval forest, of which there are in the whole of Europe, only a handful of.

fantasy of pristine nature

Not that a forest wouldn’t be therefore worthy of protection. It only shows that the dialectic of nature and culture does not want to, of all things, rising in the forest, the romantic place of the Germans par excellence.

the Survival documentaries on television, where cameras are always in danger of a little too far to zoom out, and so unintentionally revealing, what looks to be the Survival phantasm conceal: that it is the people untouched Wilderness, in which your heroes go. The next road is always only a stone throw away.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.