Shortly before the auction, the investigators suggested: In an auction house in the Berlin district of Pankow art investigators of the land criminal police office have confiscated three works of art that Adolf Hitler painted. The images with the numbers 286, 287 and 288, should have produced at the Academy of art is not adopted, hobby painter and later a dictator in the years 1910 and 1911.

The Berlin-based trade Commissioner for art crimes to investigate for attempted fraud and forgery, informed the officials. The three seized watercolors show kitschy landscapes. To see two the panorama of the Alps and a picture of the Rhine country.

starting prices from 4000 euros

on behalf of a private businessman offered watercolors differ much from those as you are to find at flea markets all over the world – with the exception of the signature “A. Hitler”. Thanks to this write-up to Hitler for the Second world war and the Holocaust, responsible, would have brought in the auction, so presumably a lot of money.

As the starting prices for each of the three works for the auction on 24. January was supposed to start, had called the auction house is 4000 euros. The “Berliner Kurier” quoted a spokesman for the auction house with the words: “We were able to present opinions and certificates that prove the authenticity”.

the Alleged Hitler-signature –

The “world” that emerged in the opinions 2017/18 and identify the images as from a dictator in Vienna-crafted works. This, however, is questionable, because the signature of any other of the numerous in fact, Hitler built works of distinction. Whether attributed to him watercolors actually came from Hitler’s Hand, but to judge the art-historically. Among other things, because, according to the newspaper, he “was only a moderately talented scribe without own style”.

The trade in works of art of the Nazi dictator is, in principle, prohibited.


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